Chasing Value: United Parcel -- forgotten blue chip

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    Chasing Value: United Parcel -- forgotten blue chip - Blogging Stocks

    When oil prices were rising quarter after quarter through July of this year -- topping $147 per barrel -- it was very problematic for United Parcel Service to run its television commercials bragging they had the largest fleet of planes and trucks in the world.

    Fuel prices that hurt the economy have hurt UPS more. The stock is down from the high $80s a few years ago to the current lows closing Monday at $52.77. It is trading below its 2001 IPO price after averaging around $70 for most of its "public life."
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    I believe the IPO was in Nov. of 1999. It opened at Wall Street at 50 bucks:happy2:
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    And on the same day of the IPO was at ~$70.
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    going public cost the company far more then high oil/fuel prices ever will. tgoing public was like putting 5 nails in the UPS coffin.
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    Its hard to believe the stock is at the same place it was 9 years ago.
    Will it ever hit 100? probably not in my lifetime:biting: