check out the salaries for IBT

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    Considering that a feeder driver in a good year should clear close to 100,000 what's your point. The real issue is whether they work hard enought to earn it, open for suggestions. Folks, kind of funny but did you see on that list hall, who heads has been leading negotiations with UPS for some time is collecting about half the salary than three guys that I never heard of from Chicago. Presuming it is based on seniority:cool:
  2. whats wrong is the picture of hoffa being carry out by the romans , memories of jackie pressor being carry out at a teamster convention also, notice roadway and ups shields out front on their shirts ,this is not the right to show respect to the members of the union!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So thats where all the central states pension went.
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    Their is an awful lot of money on that list.

    From the looks of that picture, Looks like Hoffa should unionize Jenny Craig, think he could stand to loose a few.
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    Ill second the point that it doesnt matter what they earn in dollars. What matters is that the EARN the dollars they receive. If the are giving me BANG FOR MY BUCK ,who cares, they deserve it then.
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    Just read what your fellow brother here is saying.It doesn't matter what the IBT reps. are making as long as he is getting bang for(MY BUCK) shows how concerned he is for his fellow brothers who are slowly but surely having to give up what they have worked so hard for over the years.But like (HE) said as long as he is getting bang for his buck IT's OK.From one brother to another.
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    I meant they are entitled to a fair wage for the work they do.Dont you feel you deserve the same?How much would you want to do the same job? Everybody wants to point fingers for pension problems[I guess thats your bitter pill]but salaries are paid for by your union dues not pension funds!Company bankruptcies and poor stock returns caused the pension mess.I care about my money just as much or more my friend.We all work way too hard for it!!!!!!!
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    hey 122 I see by your post your an Apwa man . How much will those guys want to run the show and please tell me how they are going to justify those pension plan numbers they are throwing around.Talk is very cheap! Just refer to the broken campaign promises from both political parties you receive year after year.
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    1980 Whats sad Is the employees of UPS are still willing to throw there hard earned money into a corrupt union thats been in the game for along time but has done nothing in return for the hard working employees but take thier money and give nothing in return .Yes I support the APWA two fine employees who have worked and are currently working on a viable,positive,and stronger alternative union representation.I trust the APWA started buy two of are fellow employees any day over the IBT which has nothing to loose buy being corrupt and making millions off the hard work and sweat of UPS employees who earn every dollar why they are out on some golf course enjoying themselves over cutting are pensions so that they could close the deal.If thats the protection and safeguard you want have at it.As far as justifying to you anything I don't have to.Get informed all th info is out there just look it up.I do know that if you call the APWA they will answer any of your questions.The phone numbers are on the web site. Parcelworkers - A NEW LOOK! WHAT MAKES THIS UNION LOOK DIFFERENT''. Try to call the IBT and see if anybody can answer your questions or concerns.APWA THE BETTER WAY!:thumbup1:
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    in hoffa pockets where do u think it goes dont vote union
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    Whats it matter what anyone makes? who cares, we get paid well, thats all that should matter, if you do your job then thats all you need to worry about.
  12. then why can't hoffa payoff or payback his debt on campaign money:w00t:
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    You get one salary in the APWA structure period it'll be very easy to understand. No multiple "jobs" w/pay allowed. Also, 1980 the pension numbers are LESS then what the Machinists get now. How do they do that? They don't waste their members dues! The APWA numbers are mid range. If you need help translating what the APWA has put on their site them ask for it. It's not overly complicated by any means.
    The IBT has lied to you and you have sucked it up day in and day out. Some people just want to be used. Perhaps this discribes you? As for talk is cheap you're right, the difference is who is doing the talking? APWA or IBT, the IBT has proven itself to specialize in cheap talk time and time again.
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    from what I can see in the states you are very well looked after here in the UK the wagers are not that good but if you can get into DHL you are better of because as an incentive every course you do you will get Exeter money so even as a sorter it can make you £50 to £60 ($100 to$120) a week better off
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    This one vs. the other debate continues. Bottom line is this, there are thousands of reform minded teamsters out there, that on a daily basis are tryiing to educate our fellow UPS'ers as to the numerous issues regarding the corrupt leadership within the Teamsters. Unifying them all,to bring about reform, has been an uphill battle, just as your organizing effort to decertify these same unionized workers will be. In fact, your job will be much harder. The mere fact that the APWA can only present a case of writing on paper, postings on a website, or an answered phone call, will be a hard sell. We have a contract that pays well, holidays, vacations, personals, sick days, overtime rates, seniority rights, etc. etc. But like you said, some people will suck anything up, and just want to be used. So you'll manage to get some to feed from your troft of "Paper Tiger" promises. So BRAVO to you! Just remember this, for those that you don't manage to decertify, will remain Teamsters, and while you'd have everyone believe that the UPS will willingly negotiate this perfect contract, with the APWA's perfect representatives, it's highly unlikely. In fact, it may even come down to the APWA having to strike for all these demands. Now tell me my friend, will you expect those same Teamsters that you have nothing good to say, to honor your picket lines? There is much, much more to all of this than you, or your representaives care to discuss. So, if you were all truly of a unoinized mind, you would realize the importance of having the support of other unions and their members, including us Teamsters.