Cheney On Fox News Sunday Doing Some Democrat Bus Chunking!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 24, 2008.

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    Thanks to Glenn Greenwald of Salon for pointing out even more democrat hypocrisy. We already knew it but it was fun watching Washington's favorite beast eat it's own on his way out the door!

    I may disagree with Cheney's fundamental beliefs of what and how gov't should work but I'll say his over the top honesty at times was refreshing because he left no doubt as to where he stood on many matters. Was prone to using shoe polish to shiney it all up so you thought it was something else completely different.

    Unlike someone who is about to take the oath of the highest office who claimed to be against the war, we now see this is not the case at all. But it's OK as we've evolved as humans. We onced called such people "unprincipled" "lacks real conviction" or "just plain dishonest". Now we just call all of that "a moderate adjusting to the reality of real world conditions!" "A builder of bridges to the center!"

    A bridge that lacks a solid foundation is sure to collapse when stressed by the actions of real world.

    On another note, it seems the great so-called conservative bulwark AEI is changing colors or rather just removing the costume it has worn for years in attempts to hide it's true self.

    As the days grow closer to democrat utopia, the days grow closer to true democrat hypocrisy. Watch closely as truth is revealed by their own actions just as republicans have done over the last nearly 30 years.