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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by soberups, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Do these companies require their female employees to stay at home and be apart from everybody during the 7 "unclean" days of their monthly menstrual period as is required in Leviticus 15:19? Will these companies also terminate the employment and banish from the premises any male or female employees who have sexual intercourse during the female menstrual period as is required in Leviticus 20:18?

    Do these companies require male employees who have sex with a female virgin to pay that virgins father 50 shekels of silver and then marry her, as required in Deutoronomy 22:29?

    Do these companies forbid female employees or customers from wearing items of clothing (pants, flannel shirts etc.) that are customarily worn by men, as required in Deutoronomy 22:5? it possible that Chick Fil A and these other companies only choose to "cherry pick" whatever obscure phrases of the Old Testament happen to support their particular predjudices?

    Jesus never said a word about homosexuals, but he had quite a bit to say about hypocrites.
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    No one is committed enough to boycott In and Out Burger......some things are just too good !!! Principles be damned!!
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    I believe you are confusing modern day Christians with the sixth century throwbacks who call themselves Muslims. Nobody is claiming that we need to observe old testament recommendations for female body hygiene. In fact this isn't about Christianity at all. Its simply about a man whose family has been successful at selling chicken sandwiches and the mutually exclusive right he has to state his beliefs in public. Whether you agree or disagree with his beliefs is not the point, but you have to admire his willingness to state his beliefs where the public can hear them. Too many companies and their leadership keep quiet on these matters as they worship at the altar of the all mighty dollar. Dan Cathy states his views in public and is rewarded for doing so. My what a great country we have!
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    (a) Im not quoting the Quran, I'm quoting the Bible.

    (b) If its "not necessary" to observe Old Testament requirements for female hygeine, then why is it necessary to observe Old Testament requirements that (supposedly) prohibit homosexuality?

    (b) This is about Christianity, because it is the Christian Bible they are using to justify their predjudice against gay people.

    (c) I do not admire Cathy's willingness to "state his beliefs" when those beliefs are based upon hatred and discrimination. If Cathy were, say, a white supremacist who used the Bible to justify slavery and Jim Crow laws (Leviticus 25:44), would he still be admired and supported by Christians for speaking out?
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    Interesting I was under the impression Jesus died over 1900 years ago. If he still talks to u that's something u might want to get checked out.
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    I know what book you are quoting, and I stand by my statement.

    Last I checked there have been many advancements in the world of female hygiene. Which is why we eat pork today despite the fact the bible is against it. Back in the old testament days pork could not be verified as clean due to the lack of understanding of food borne illness, so the pig was blamed for the sicknesses instead of the microbes responsible.

    So exactly which of the world's major religions praises homosexuality in their holy texts? Last I checked Islamic countries still hang them, but I don't see you starting a thread to boycott oil.

    Then you are not a supporter of the 1st amendment. He has every right to state what he believes regardless of whether you agree with it or not.
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    So you are saying that the Old Testament phrases concerning pork or feminine hygiene can be ignored since they are "outdated"...but its still OK to use that same Old Testament to justify discrimination against homosexuals? You cant have it both ways. Either the Bible is the holy word of God, or it isnt.
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    I read part of that article and I must say I am failing to grasp why some people think Dan Cathy's statements are to mean he hates gay people and wishes them great harm. He only stated his opposition to gay marriage which most of the country agrees with him anyways. He never said he didn't want gay people working for him or would turn away gay customers. Just another example of liberals taking things way out of context to push a certain narrative all in the name of censorship.
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    The first amendment only protects the individual from the government restricting free speech.
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    I drive a VW Jetta TDI turbodiesel and I run it on biodiesel produced locally from recycled cooking oil so I have put my money where my mouth is. I would totally support a boycott of Saudi Arabian oil. 2/3 of our imported oil comes from Canada or Mexico, I'd like to see us become 100% energy independent but thats a topic for another thread.
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    Pork and feminine hygiene understanding has advanced as society has advanced. A society made up of homosexuals will not advance because of obvious reasons.
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    I support the 1st amendment and I agree that he has the right to express his beliefs, just as I have the right to call him out for being the hypocritical bigot that he is.
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    What if they adopt?
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    Here are the 11 "non-christian" countries that allow same sex marriages :

    Countries That Recognize Gay Marriage

    Netherlands - the first country to grant gay marriage on April 1, 2001.

    Belgium - the second country to grant gay marriage on Jan 30, 2003.

    Canada - the third country to grant gay marriage on June 28, 2005

    Spain - the fourth country to grant gay marriage on July 3, 2005.

    South Africa - the fifth country to grant gay marriage on Nov 30, 2006.

    Norway - the sixth country to grant gay marriage on May 11, 2008.

    Sweden - the seventh country to grant gay marriage on May 1, 2009.

    Portugal - the eighth country to grant gay marriage on May 17, 2010.

    Iceland - the ninth country to grant gay marriage on June 27, 2010.

    Argentina - the tenth country to grant gay marriage on July 15, 2010.

    - the 11th country to grant gay marriage earlier this year in 2012.
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    What exactly are those "obvious reasons"?

    If you mean that homosexuals cannot reproduce, I would submit that our overcrowded planet is in no danger of running out of babies. The majority of people on this planet are heterosexual and always will be. There will also always be a small minority of people who are not heterosexual, and according that minority the same rights enjoyed by the rest of us will not prevent our society from "advancing".
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    He believes that gay people should be denied a basic right...marriage...that is afforded to the "straight" people who meet his Biblical moral standards.

    According to breaks and other government-sanctioned benefits should be afforded to a 60 year old guy who goes to Las Vegas, gets drunk, and "marries" an 18 yr old stripper at the Church of the Velvet Elvis, but they should be denied to a monogamous gay couple in a healthy, loving, long term relationship.

    The same arguments that are being used against gay marriage were used against interracial marriage...which was still illegal in some states as recently as 1967. Thankfully, our society as "evolved" since then. I hope we keep evolving.