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    What does everyone do for child care for a young infant toddler during preload hours if their partner works out of town most of the time? I'm struggling with this so any advice would be much appreciated.

  2. toonertoo

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    Parents, close friends, all night day care. Most of the girls I know have hubbys with different shifts so it all works out. Mine were 6 and 10 when I went on the preload, and I told them they were on their own, get yourselves up for school, or Ill quit and we will be poor again. I had a neighbor they knew to call if there was a problem, and yes I worried, but it was survival mode. But a toddler is a bit young for that.
    So good luck with that shift, with a baby, it will be tough.
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    As tooner said, it is essential that you have a support network in place. If you have to rely on a paid baby sitter for the 5 hours or so that you will be away it may not be worth your while to keep this job. Would it be easier for your situation if you worked the metro shift?
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    We had one woman on the preload that rented a room to a college girl. The college girl stuck around till my coworker got home, then she went to school. It was a good deal for both of them.
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    That was a great idea, next time a preloader asks, I have something to tell them.
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