Child support garnishments

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    Why on earth would anyone expect a straight answer to a question like this on this site? This is such a highly technical question that the likelihood of anyone on this forum being able to give a reliable answer is close to nil. Call the UPS corporate office and ask to speak to payroll. Google says the number is: 404-828-6000. Another member posted this number on a other thread about a similar issue. I think it's for HR: 1-855-877-4772. No idea is it's a good number or not.
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    when I was pt and made under 250 for the garnish

    250 and over.... swiper kept swiping
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    When he visits his child don't you ask for some help? I can't understand how someone wouldn't want to help? Blows my mind.

    Not saying this is you, but on the other hand, plenty of Dads I work with have no say of how the support they pay gets used. One Mom in particular blows it all on clothes and gambling.
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    the court contacts your local sheriffs dept. they in turn contact ups payroll and set up the garnishment. call or visit your local sheriffs dept with whatever court order you have and ask them about it
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    Don't pay child support here and they suspend your license. Now not knowing 100% as I don't pay child support, but I believe there is a fee for having it garnished from your check and I have heard rumors of them getting behind on payments. Guys I work with who pay Child support pay it by bank transfer so as not to show late/license suspend and to avoid the fee.
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    Best is to go back to the court that issued the order and advise the other party is in default.
    The court then can give you proper correct guidance on the procedure to follow next.
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    It’s something payroll has to pay out of the check once they receive the court ordered garnishment from the courts. However it’s still up to whomever is suppose to pay the support order to still physically go make payments until the Payments are seen coming out of the check. You can be suspended from UPS for not paying a court order child support case.
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    Maybe thats what he's going for?
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    Happened to a buddy of mine. UPS took it out every week, never sent it to his wife. She took him back to court, judge reamed him, told him he was a :censored2:ty person, blah, blah blah. Had to pay or jail, even though the money was already taken from check. Told him what UPS had held would be a buffer in case it happened again.