China had a 10.7% 4Q growth

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  2. dannyboy

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    because they dont have a 12 trillion dollar debt

    because they are not trying to even bump that number up

    because they are not raising taxes on everybody to grow their government

    because they are pretty much debt free.

    its easy to grow a business that has no or little debt. but one that his way over what they can afford to pay back is another issue.

    they also do not have a unionized workforce, unionized government etc etc etc

    and they shoot people that break the law, especially corrupt government employees.

    you pick

  3. Jim Kemp

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    I am no political scientist but in a communist government doesn't the government own everything? So the doesn't need to tax people to grow the government. They already have it all.
    And it seems that the workers in working for the government they are taxed almost 100%.
    And all the citizens of that country get free health care and retirement.

    Also communist countries do have labor unions, recall the unions of Poland, I think they had a lot to do with the fall of their government and the Eastern Block.

    Just some thoughts not trying to argue.
  4. dannyboy

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    not to argue the point, but if they are taxed so high, and labor wages are so low, how is it they will become the largest buyer of new cars this year?

    and who said they get free healthcare?

    yes, labor unions were part of the poland quest for freedom, and that is why you dont see much of it in china

    actually, i would suspect that in many ways, china is very much like the 1850's-1900 usa in that there is an explosion of wealth and jobs within the cities, and abject poverty in the fly over parts, kinda like ours.

  5. cachsux

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    They`re doing so well because WE are funding that growth with our repeated borrowing money to cover our dept. Think of the as a Chinese version of a paycheck loan business. Just hope they don`t come to collect.
  6. dannyboy

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    one last thing. they are a consumer nation, but not near the level of other countries.

    they export a lot of what they produce, bringing in tons of money from over seas. a lot of our money ends up overseas. we dont export near what we used to, ceptin jobs. we seem to have a national need to export jobs overseas. especially in manufacturing.

  7. Jim Kemp

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    And we keep buying all their cheep junk. Look at how many things that we buy that turn out to be poison(dog food), painted with lead and now I am hearing about "Chinese Drywall" what the heck is that?
    These are the things they have been caught doing, I wonder how many tainted products have gotten into this country that have not been caught.
    I always buy American if I can, even if the price is more and I never buy anything from Walmart.
  8. Jim Kemp

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    And they dont seem to play fair at the import and export game. They have been caught many times dumping their goods on us but we just let them do it.
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    Too much too fast.

    Watch what happens after the markets crumble again.
  10. It's kind of remind me when back in the EU our government in Hungary was so proud that we beat Germany in growth. Yes we did, the only difference that let's say with that growth we needed about 10-15 years or more to get to the same level as Germany. Same thing with China. They grow but there is a long way to go.
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    Its a deadly cycle. China leverages the debt to control their currency exchange rates and thus keep chinese exports cheap and affordable.
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    Send in Oblahblah. He'll have em back in the sewer in no time.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Some financial analysts say China is inflating numbers and when the truth comes out you will see an economic crash that will be nothing short of devastating and far reaching.
  14. 1989

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    If that is that case, we can't handle the truth. Hopefully China won't let the cat outta the bag.
  15. Raw

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    The Shadow Government that controls the world and has no loyalty to any one nation now favors China over the United States. PS- The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. :sad-little:
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    First of all, statistics coming out of China should be taken with a grain of salt. Secondly, and more importantly, China is an emerging market. The US market is a mature one where growth has stabilized.
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    4Q growth. Hmm i wonder where we bought all our Xmas toys from?
    Could it be.......CHINA!?
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    This, all of this.