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    I am a retiree from local 804 in NY now living in Phoenix.
    Heres a good one for you.
    I had ordered some stuff for Christmas and I gues it was tied up in the Dencer blizzard. I got emails from 2 vendors (Amazon and Omaha Steaks) saying the orders where shipped air and would be delivered on Friday 12/22
    Friday came and went and no packages.
    I went on and ran the numbers and low and behold both showed as delivered on Friday afternoon at my front door so I looked again and no packages!!!. I called both vendors and they offered to replace both orders, ok fine late for christmas but ok. Now the good part. Sunday Christmas eve I go to church and when I come home both packages are at my front door. I asked my driver the following week and he said no one worked 12/24 so it seems that the Sups went thru the building Friday night, scanned everything as delivered and spent the weekend delivering it. In my day the top senioity drivers would have gotten paid for this time. but some things never change
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    We had a driver that would store packages in his garage during the week and deliver them on Saturday. Did it for years before he got caught.
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    During Peak Season, its pretty much anything goes regarding anything negotiated in any contract. Management can handle packages to make service, plus the fact that there were weather delays involved with this. I've been in the IBT since 1978, thats just the way it is. Our customers don't care who sets their box by the front door, they just want what they pay us to do as soon as possible. Sounds like your driver was home spending time with his family, his boss wasn't.
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    holidays or not union work should not be done by Sups!!!!! I worked peaks season for 25 years. unless every driver was called and did not respond or chose not to work the Sups should not be delivering
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    plus not only did the Sups deliver the phonied the paperwork. A union employee would get fired for that
  6. drdoowopp

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    oops they phonied
  7. 3peaks

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    they do phonied paper work at my place on a daily basis....sups scan air that dosnt get delivered till later in the day..or if a driver has late air he gets reemed a new one... but then its fixed in the computer to show it delivered on time...sups go to meet a driver to pull 30 40 stops off him...has driver scan them in as DR front door..only to get the same pkg's on the truck the next day...i dont see this method as being fare to the customer??
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    Could a reasonable person conclude that dishonesty is rampant among management?
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    So did we, then they put him in management.
  10. browntruckmechanic

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    That's the nice thing about being a mechanic, Sup's don't dare fudge the paperwork. Something about Federal Reg's and major jail time.
  11. Channahon

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    Can a reasonable person conclude that hourly employees are dishonest? This goes both ways, if anyone is aware of dishonesty or integrity issues and has any moral values, a hotline number should be called. Why allow anyone to take steal or manipulate information. It all affects the bottom line of service and cost.
  12. 3peaks

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    what's the hotline number???
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    What an idiot!
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    Out of curiousity... what building did you work out of?
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    During peak, management has the right to do whatever is necessary to run the business due to peak volume times. Of course, this is wide open to interpretation. Dishonesty is out of the question. If there wasn't so much head-hunting, I think employees would be less inclined to cheat and would acknowledge mistakes that have been made and move on and learn from it. Of course, hourlys should be given the opportunity to work first before management HAS to.
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    We got a UPSer from this region(Eastern Long Island) just got promoted to DM down there in AZ. If you retired within the last 15 years I am sure you will know who he is. Wouldnt it be funny bumping into him in another state.
    Enjoy your retirement. God knows you earned it!
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    Check the posters in your building - Business Conduct and Compliance is managed by Corporate and Security Hotline is your District Security. Anonymous calls can be made to both and all calls are documented to ensure follow up by the respective department. Even anonymous callers concern requires a response back to Corporate. So as an anonymous caller, your concern will be researched for validation and action taken as needed.
  18. badpal

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    I have the answer to the mystery bet you a dime to a donut the pkgs were misdelvered friday neighbor found them left them on your porch
  19. tieguy

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    You know that could very well be the answer. In fact its the only thing that makes sense.
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    working inside one of my jobs on the train is to collect all packages that they did not get out to delivery and hide them under a belt in the building so the big shots will not find them!!!!!!!!!!
    funny if a driver missed a package he/she would be fired!!

    -do as I say not as I do-:confused:1