Gravy route
I came here thinking you guys that so respect might have an idea for me on how to get help and the information to prove the packages were never real.
I came here because I guess falsely I trust my UPS drivers.
I did not start a claim because the claim page says to contact the merchant first and get them to open the claim, and I figured if they were smart enough to put this entire scam in place, including the UPS part, then giving them a heads up I am challenging the shipping, the scammer would probably have time to create more fake documents.
So, thanks for the people that actually provided helpful information.
All I asked for was an idea of the best way to get help, figuring who would know better than the drivers I see and trust every single day.
Instead of help, mostly I get jumped on and accused. If you don’t want customers (who are helping pay your checks) on here, genuinely looking for help, then restrict this to only employees.
You say you won't file a claim with UPS because it would tip off the scammers?


Yet you filed a claim with PayPal, and they were not "tipped off" by that?

Oh yeah right, someone scams me and I won't tell the police because then the scammers will make up an alibi.

Not buying it.