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    Would Article 12 Section 1 language apply to Christmas week if UPS is scheduling drivers on Sunday December 21st, and also only delivering air and doing pickups on Friday December 26th?
    Article 12 Section 1...
    If Sunday December 21st is paid at straight time, and Friday December 26th is not a normal operating day, then I would think that UPS has shifted our standard work week and would have to "re-bid" as stated in BUG'S post quoted below...

    In that case, I would have to think that no one in the Central Region could be forced on Sunday December 21st.
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    It has to be a permanent schedule change for the re-bid process to take place.
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    And there is no contractual provision, for a temporary change. (in the Central)

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    Holy cow. How many threads do we need about working 1 Sunday out of the year?
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    Apparently, a lot.
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    I'll be glad to work Sunday, in exchange for Friday!
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    That is my plan; of course, I am #3 on the package seniority list, so it shouldn't be a problem to get the day off.
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    We aren't working Sunday. I'll be off Friday.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I planned on taking the 26th off regardless but will work on the 21st to make up the difference.