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  1. Vasper44

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    I know in the old contract it specifically stated that you could request a cigarette lighter outlet be installed in your package car. I was looking for the same article in the current contract, but could not find it. Has that been removed? I don't smoke but I would like to be able to charge my cell phone while listening to internet radio. Without a charge it lasts me about 6-8 hours but during peak 12 hour days completely wipe the battery out :(

    If it is still in the contract book, any help finding it would be appreciated. Doing a search on the forums turned up nothing.
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  3. rod

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    So you have all the latest tech gizzmos and know how to program everything from a gaming system to a smart phone and you haven't figured out how to tap into UPS power*? You should be required to turn in your MAN card.

    *don't get caught
  4. MissedBusiness

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    Yup, buy a cigarette lighter, some wire, and some alligator clips.
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    and do not tell anyone about it if you do. Loose lips sinking ships and all that.

    and I thought that language was removed a contract or 2 ago. I also thought there was language about how bad adding electronics to a PC was and even discipline if caught. I do not care enough to look it up. The newest Freightliners do have a 12 volt plug on the dash.
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    Wow, I thought we were here to help each other and answer question, guess that was my mistake. I was just asking about the contract language. Of course I know how to hook it up, I was just hoping to get my mechanic to do it legitimately. Thanks barnyard for actually answering. My mechanic said he had to sign a paper saying he would not modify any part of any vehicle. LOL
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    There's red hot wires that are easy enough to get to. Lots of drivers have their radios plugged into them. Just some alligator clips and a converter pack. No fires or electric issues yet.
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    We were told, not to clip, or connect or play with any wires...
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    Yeah...personally, I'd rather have a backup battery. Just me though.
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    Maybe not in your center, but there have certainly been vehicle fires caused by poorly wired accessories. Which is why it is not allowed anymore.

  11. are playing with fire.........we had a package car burn up here.......
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    Amazing that most of the time, the center that has a fire is the next center over, same with accidents. Was the cause of the fire determined to be because a driver connected a device to the battery? Have you ever shorted out a 12v battery and seen the end results? (i.e. the one that you are connecting to accessory power for). A properly fused device wouldn't cause a fire. As management plays by their rule book, if it's not in the contract, its open for interpretation.
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    If you like making $31 + hr DON'T jerry rig anything to power your personal electrical devises.

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    Very easy. Go to radio shack but the parts u need. Put them in a bag along with a $20 and give it to ur mechanic. Works every time u know the wiring is correct no worries.
  16. Johney

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    We lost three package cars to a poorly rigged radio set-up. The driver who did it was also out of work for a bit too.
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    i stream music from my iPhone and talk all day. It's nothing for me to use it at least ten hours. I also have two Bluetooths. These thing need juice so I have three USB chargers that charge it all up. You can get them anywhere from cellphone stores to RadioShack.
  18. yeldarb

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    Get an isound charger. It has 4 or 5 USB ports, can charge simultaneously, and can charge a completely dead iPhone numerous times. I take it home on weekend only to charge and leave in my package car all week.
  19. rod

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    I can't believe there are so many that don't know the concept of + is positive , - is negative and make sure to wire in a fuse. Although I'm sure there has been a case or two of burning up a truck due to an improperly hooked up radio I would bet that the majority of these stories are just BS. Every time I heard of it -it had happened at some center out east or down south ---and they didn't know exactly where.
  20. sortaisle

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    Personally for me, I'd rather find an option that doesn't use a hot wire. Too much is open to interpretation in the contract and I don't feel like looking for a new job because I needed Pandora to play all day long. But I also know that a properly fused converter won't catch fire since it's physically impossible. So I'll get a solar charging pack or just an extra battery or two. I've got cables and usb ports galore at my home spot.