Classified as Part Time but working Full Time

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have couple of questions. About 2 weeks ago I was told I was going to start my 30 days of driving,I've been a pre loader for 5 years and sat air driver with a progression started. The day I was suppose to start driving I get a text msg from my sup 2 hours before I was suppose to report that I wasn't going driving because the sup I was suppose to go out with had pneumonia. This is after I had quit my second job that Friday. I was offered to do the carwash position for a top rate of almost $30.00 hr...of course I took. Then the first week I was paid at $18.45 hr...and I asked what was going on...then mgmt said it was not $30.00 but my progression rate. Then this last check I get even less $13.67 hr which was my pre load rate. I've also been told that I'm classified as a part timer but I'm doing part time work!!! 8+ hrs a day!! I've cld my union rep and no one is giving me any answers! I want my correct rate and paid correctly...Does anyone out there have any advice?? Thanks fellow upsers
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    So if they started you FT driving during Christmas, you would be considered a Christmas hire (temporary) and go back to PT after the holidays? Never heard of anyone going permanent FT and getting their 30 days in during the holiday madness. What do they say about you going FT driving now? Do you have a date? Wouldn't you be laid off after Christmas anyway and working the preload? And your start date for the training was sometime in November, not October?

    I don't see as how you could get $30 an hour if you haven't passed 30 days driving. I am surprised that you aren't just thrown back to preload with a "catch you in the summer" comment regarding when your next opportunity would come. Tough spot, but all part of the waiting game at UPS.
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    top rate takes three years now.
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    IF your doing PT work you get PT pay the number of hours you work a week as a PTimer has no effect on the rate of pay you get.

    They can't just put you in the FT car wash position without posting the job for everyone including FT drivers to bid on then the person with the most senority that bid on it would get it.

    You wouldn't get $30 hr even if you started a FT position you have to go through a progression which is as follows.

    Start $16.10
    Senority (30 days) $17.25
    12 months $18.45
    24 Months $20.75
    36 months full rate

    First of all did you sign the list to become a driver that they post at the beginning of each year? If you start driving between Oct-Dec31 you don't gain senority till after the first of the year and that is only if they call you back within the first 60 days of the never years. This doesn't apply to you becasue you haven't started driving FT.
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    As a matter of fact there was a bid put out for fulltimer signed except for three part timers, I having the most seniority. Days later the sign up bid "went away" and it was never mentioned. This was early Nov. Mid Nov. I was told I was going driving due to a disqualification.Now im being told i wont be driving soon and since thanksgiving week have been working full time hours classified as a part timer with part time pay...I should be at third step progression according to UPSguy72
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    Sounds like you are doing a article 22.3 job. But because you are inside, you only get your regular inside rate, I do the same position, but I also run air, so I get to separate pay rates, your inside rate is not going to change, because you are not driving full-time.
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    Did you bid a 22.3 job? FT job?

    Or did you bid an inside carwash job?

    Or both? Not enough information for me to give you any help. But I can say that being a 22.3 is not worth it, keep your PT job and find a life elsewhere.

    If you bid a FT driving job and had seniority and preference to it, the job should be investigated by the union to see that mangement didn't eliminate it and pull a fast one. Same with the car wash opening, sounds like something the company would do in our building; cut a top-rate 30/hr inside inside job that was vacated and hire two part-timers.