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    I need some info and help. Hear that two clerks in the brush avenue building went back driving. Any info would help a lot. THIS FOR DRIVERS THAT WENT TO CLERKS ON A BID SHEET. AND WENT BACK DRIVING . NEVER GOT HURT. JUST HAD AN OPENNING. IN CLERKS DEPT
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    As long as there's no laid off drivers I don't see an issue with someone signing a bid sheet to go back into a position providing they spent the 6 months or whatever it is waiting period between biddings.
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    Full or part time?
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    I went to clerk after driving 18 yrs..It took a while to get used to the smaller paycheck but in the long run I made it to retirement age..It is easier on the body, why someone would go back on the road is beyond me. Someday these jobs will be no longer be around the way things are going:peaceful:
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    Fulltime. Never been pt. Fulltime driver for 23 yrs and clerk for 4 yrs
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    Local 804 contract doesn't allow clerks to go back to there centers if they were drivers , they can bump other clerks in the district by seniority order if there is still no work they can work on the preload guaranteed 4 1/2 hours if they work over 5 guaranteed 8 ,, another great job by Howie and the boys on our contract......
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    No where in the contract does it say we can true. But also doesn't say we can't...... that's some verbal agreement between the old slate and the old management here. Schultz is gone and so is the old board.
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    What???????? A lot of things were better when Tommy was here , now that we have this Long Island BALD HEADED :censored2: MATT H......
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    Clerks in Island City are being layed off and sent back to preload part time positions at part time progression top pay.

    Also heard 43rd St. is looking to eliminate a lot of clerk jobs, so look for those clerks to start bumping in other buildings and sending lower seniority clerks back to part time.
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    When you say sent back and going back that means they were once pt preload ? But what about the other clerks who were never pt, never preload ? Many clerks came from fulltime driving. Like myself I was a full time driver right from day one. The if the way ups is send send you back where you came from as in preload. Then that would mean fulltime drivers that became clerks would and should go back driving ? And no we came here to clerks on a bid sheet. Not on an injury. Still have the same license and current dot card. So you can drive their pkg cars for almost 25 yrs and all of a sudden you can't ??? I can see sending the ones that were pt back to pt, but ft to pt no way. If you came from full time then should be back to full time.
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    I don't know. I would assume you guys go back to full time package. Look at guys who bid into feeder and come back to package when feeder doesn't have enough work. But honestly I really don't have any idea.
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    Article 13, Section 9- Reduction of Staff- Full-Time Seniority Employees
    1. Package Centers- Outside
    (1) Within each center drivers will be laid off on the basis of Company seniority.
    (2) A laid-off driver will be offered work in another center within their building where the least senior driver is working without the loss of a day's pay.
    (3) Where a driver is working less than the basic workweek, and where there is no work available within the building pursuant to above, the driver may request a transfer to another center in the driver's area where the driver with the least Company seniority is working.
    If there is no work available in the driver's area, the driver may request a transfer to another center where the driver with the least Compant seniority in their district is working. If there is no work available in the driver's district, the driver may request a transfer to another center where the driver with the least Company seniority in the Union's jurisdiction is working.

    3. Package Center Clericals
    (1) Employees will be laid off on the basis of Company seniority within the employee's area. If there is no work available in the employee's area, the employee may request a transfer to another center where the package center clerical employee with the least Company seniority in the Union's jurisdiction is working.
    (2) Employees in the General Operation Clerk and Customer Counter Clerk Classifications will be laid off on the basis of Company seniority within the employee's area. If there is no work available in the employee's area, the employee may request a transfer to another center where the clerical employee in the same classification, with the least Company seniority, in the Union's jurisdiction, is working.

    9. Requests for transfers from centers to areas will be affected no sooner than 36 hours after the request. Requests for transfers from the areas to Union jurisdiction will be affected no sooner than 5 working days after the request. The Company agrees to waive the foregoing notices and to process requests sooner than 36 hours or 5 working days respectively where possible. In those cases the Union agrees to waive all claims which might result from such transfers.

    11. In the event an employee elects not to accept or request a transfer, the employee may nonetheless elect to take the layoff ( in which event the employee shall be considered a laid-off employee for lack of work for the purpose of unemployment compensation) or to take the work of a part-time employee, if any, for the duration of the lay-off. Such right may be exercised with respect to those part-time jobs which have the greatest number of scheduled hours in the employee's center. Any employee who selects a permament job performed by a part-time employee shall be paid at his/her regular rate in addition to all fringe benefits, rather than at the part-time rate, with a minimum guarantee of 4 1/2 hours. In the event the employee works more than 5 hours in any shift, the employee shall be guaranteed 8 hours work or pay at such regular rate.
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    Thanks for posting the language re: this matter. I find it funny how everyone blasts the union on this issue and they have no control over it. This is what our contract says if we like it or not. I agree it sucks pretty bad though....
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    Your right it does suck , thanks to our old board , we settled the last contract 6 months early,, the one before that UPS didn't want the contract to end on there 100 year anniversary so we got the dollar for the 6th year. 2 great chances to get language changed and they failed both times and some of these old board members want to speak for us at this Delegate Convention. NO WAY

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    Just for clarity, if a part-time "clerk" works 4.98 hours, he's still NOT guaranteed the 8 hours, right? Also, when it says "which have the greatest number of scheduled hours in the employee's center", does that mean if a regular part-time employee who typically works 5 hours, that position HAS to be offered to the part-time "clerk" as opposed to a position that ends at 4.5 hours?

    What if a normal part-time employee hits over-time? How does that play a role with the part-time "clerk" who obviously has much higher seniority? In what situations would that part-time "clerk" have to be given more than 5 hours?
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    First, there are no Part time " clerks though UPS would love to make it a PT job! The old board allowed this in the contract . Why I dont know! Im sure they just werent too good as seeing that UPS might use this to force the clerks work into part time work.

    On your questions, I would say if they work OVER 5 hours , they do get 8. And yes, that clerk should be given that 5 hour position , the position with the "greatest number of scheduled hours in the employees center" . When it comes to O/T opportunities , seniority rules. Otherwise, members will have to pay close attention and file grievances.
    Maybe the members, by holding UPS's feet to the fire, can force management to reconsider their awful decision to lay off the clerks- members who have put their time in as F/Ters and are now being spit out into 4 1/2 hours. So, members of Local 804, stand up and act united and grieve them into submission. It is up to all of us - members, stewards and union officials together!
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    i started a thread about this in the UPS Discussions forum. im a bumped/displaced center clerk in melville on my way to island city sunday night to clerk on the preload. i believe there's others coming with me from other buildings. its hard to keep up with where there hitting and how many. unfortunately im bumping another clerk to part time and i feel horrible about that. but i have a gut feeling im going to be bumped to part time as well. for anybody keeping score, i believe 15 clerks got bumped to part time so far. i think i was about 30 from the bottom of the seniority list when i got to see it last year when there was a rumor of cutting 90 clerks. im in my 22nd full time year, no part time years. at least not yet. anyway i have a question. does anyone know when this language was introduced into our supplement? im not looking to place blame or blast either row a or row b. there quite enough of that kind of wasted mental energy in these forums already. im just curious.
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    in my bld a customer counter clerk was bumped by another clerk it's crazy just when u thought you had a sweet gig u get bumped by a clerk that has 37 years .
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    A one-list seniority system would solve all of these problems. When you break up seniority into classifications, you no longer honor what seniority is supposed to do. Seniority is supposed to protect and give more opportunities to workers as they accrue time or longevity as members.
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    Agree and disagree.
    These premium jobs come out a different times including night clerk work. Many day drivers pass on these jobs because of hours. They all have shot at these jobs and not always the highest bldg seniority guy takes it. With 4 different shift and over 2000 people in a building it would be hell to control. Could a 20 year pt who passed on a ft job 15 years ago bump a ft guy now? Well he has moretime?