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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by gorilla75jdw, May 25, 2019.

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    So like, I'm into my 2nd month, maybe nearing my 3rd week of my 3rd month , approximately 73 days with the company. My job is titled "unloader" ( frontline , direct sort unload , Quad 2 sort aisle (doors 17 thru 36 I believe) is where my unload doors are emptied into . Every , single, dang , day my stupidvisor whom started and trained after my hire date , ridicules me . From every method that has been wrote , recorded on paper , recited , rehearsed, supposedly taught , performed , demonstrated,executed flawlessly (by my stupidvisor) , whom has been recognized for unloading at 3100 pieces per hour , labels up, methods followed precisely to a "t" . Anyhow this stupidvisor watches me , relentlessly every single dang day . He writes things on his clipboard, on my "Pittsburgh " (whatever that is ) , I live in Arkansas, so that's confusing in itself. Needless to say , I'm never allowed to read or even R.T.S. what he is writing on my Pittsburgh file . So , my question to you old heads , other stupidvisor's , mangers, stewards , sisters and brothers is what is so confidential that me , myself , just a mere "low man on the totem pole " (actually I have 1 guy under me lol , but I understand the makeup of the seniority system and realize its importance as an hourly , union employee . But before I start cussing/threatening/inadvertently whizzing packages near his big :censored2: forehead for being so close to me while I'm unloading. It becomes frustrating that he will not talk to me about what he is writing/recording about my performance. So if any of you guys have any insights , especially you part time stupidvisor's, full time rat stupidvisor's, trainers (nothing more than a snitch) , or any frontline , direct sort snitchazz, run and tell that , low energy so you had to go into stupidvision because you didn't have the strength to cut it so therefore you now work way more hours and get paid considerably less per hour type of folk . I on the other hand , along with my fellow sisters and brothers will pull your slack while you are standing behind us , over us , watching us on camera and all that type of nonsense that your type feels so proud about . I'm willing to bet that your stupidvisor's dont stand over folks at the gas station , grocery store trying to write down whether I farted or not . What are yall writing about us on the Clipboards and ratting to the bigger boss about us . I can assure you if you were being cool about your job , as long as we are working safe that things would go way more smoothly, however you guys tend to be more :censored2:bag type and that doesn't help or change anything about our work ethics,pace or practices . So what is it ??
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    I thought you were a shifter at Whites Creek?
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    I think the whole thing was a ruse. He’s definitely been there longer than what was described in the first paragraph. LOL
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    Just trying to get inside your head. It is an old trick that has been working for decades. For all you know he could be doing Word Search puzzles just to occupy his time. Let it go.
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    Sounds like he must have a vivid imagination
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    Cliff notes please too much to read.
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    Here you go
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    Don't worry about it.

    LITTLE BOSS MAN New Member

    Soon you will go to the dark side and join him.
    All it will take is $18.45 a hour at 27.5 a week.

    The Rule of Two :fishbashsmile:
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    Supes get 27.6 here and they freak out.
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    Didn’t read one word
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    I understand this is a fake post. BUT if it were real. This is easy to fix. Harrassment grievance. Art 37, over supervision. If the problem persists and you continue to file. The penalties will become monetary.
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    Why even bother wasting the time to write this? I pity some people.
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    Half of you are correct , I have a 17 year old nephew that's working in the unload now . We were on the couch having some beers and he asked me what the sups were writing on their Clipboards, which I assume is whatever your pieces per hour is or something like that . However I threw him my phone and told him to ask you guys, start a thread , so he would quit bugging me about it because really , who freaking cares as long as my check doesnt bounce . Anyhow I just wanted to clear that up, and now that he knows about this site he said he would make himself a profile so he could ask his own questions on his own profile. But I did notice , no supervisor actually responded as to what is being wrote .
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    I refuse to read this, you ever heard of a paragraph???!! Smh.
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    Grocery list brah
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