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  1. Paulie

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    Anyone know what COBRA cost per month through the company ?
  2. JonFrum

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    COBRA costs and details should be stated in your Summary Plan Description (SPD) booklet.

    Typically your cost is the same as the company's contribution rate, plus 2% to cover administration expenses.

    There might be a second level of coverage available for less money that covers fewer situations.
  3. rod

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    When I checked on it it cost an arm and a leg and your first born.
  4. Johney

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    When you need it you will be informed as to the cost.
  5. Gazelle

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    When I switched from union to management a year ago it was like 780 a month to continue coverage with COBRA
  6. working up a sweat

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    COBRA costs over 1000 a month for family coverage. Some long term PTers take some time off to take a rest from the grind of working 2 jobs. They return back to UPS as soon as the sticker shock COBRA bill comes in the mail. Yes, our Teamsters insurance coverage is worth 30 dollars an hour to PTers who only get 12 hours a week. Teamsters health insurance coverage plan is the best in the world. A majority of the PTers realize this and stay despite the small paycheck. Turnover for vested pension plan and insurance covered employees is miniscule where I work.
  7. Johney

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    Sorry that's not COBRA.
  8. Cobra coverage for a family will be at least $1,200/month...I agree with Working up a Sweat..our benefits are one of the best..if not the best.
  9. Johney

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    I might argue as them being the best. I won't argue they are the best for what we pay for them out of pocket.........$0.
  10. GeorgeWBiscuit

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    I heard other people were asking about this. I recently called a UPS benefits area and they had a Cobra Specialist department. These were the 2013 Cobra prices they quoted me. I'm not sure if this is geographically specific, but I wouldn't think so.

    Core Plan (health)
    Employee Family Plan = $1229.44 per month.
    Core Plan Plus (health, dental, vision) = $1347.76 per month.

    The pricing for single coverage is as follows:
    Core Plan = $460.45
    Core Plan Plus = $504.73

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