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    I'm leaving UPS in March for another job. My wife will be covered under UPS insurance in the middle of March. I am under the impression from everything I've read that says once I leave the company, I'm eligible to continue the same health coverage UPS offered me through Cobra. Everything I'm reading says I'm responsible for paying my employee portion of the coverage (which is $0 since it's free for PT employees) and then the employer's portion of the health insurance each month. My wife is pregnant, which is why I'm interested in this. If I can still have her covered under UPS insurance for the delivery of the baby (end of July) even though I'm leaving in March, I'd absolutely love to be able to do this. Does anyone happen to know exactly how much UPS pays for each PT employee and their insurance?
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    You are responsible for what the company pays for your coverage and it isn't $0. That's what you contribute as an employee $0. Cobra coverage is very expensive and this topic has been discussed very recently here so do a search and you will find it.
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    You got the wrong impression. Cobra means you pay the full premium which is well over $1000 a month. What UPS pays and what your going to pay for Cobra isn't the same.... Call your plan administrator and ask them. When your wife becomes eligible and when she is actually going to be on the plan they are two different dates... You have to fill out paper work to get her on the plan...
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    Rather than guessing, based on forum replies, take out your insurance card and look for the administrators phone #. Call it and ask them. If they do not know, ask them (they probably will know) who to call. Then call them. It is going to be expensive.
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    Ok....update. I called UPS benefits and they actually have a Cobra Specialist department. They gave me the 2013 Cobra prices. They are as follows:

    Core Plan (health)
    Employee Family Plan = $1229.44 per month.
    Core Plan Plus (health, dental, vision) = $1347.76 per month.

    The pricing for single coverage is as follows:
    Core Plan = $460.45
    Core Plan Plus = $504.73

    So we're going to go with the single person coverage to cover my wife. I think that's well worth $460.45 per month.
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    You better check and verify that you can get single coverage for the wife if you are the employee. (I would be surprised if you can just pick and choose which family member who you want for the "single" coverage.)
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    Don't cheap out.
    You could easily have health issues and the medical cost could devastate your family.
    I would advise you to pay for the family plan as long as you possibly can.
    Then in the future, you can reduce the cobra coverage to just included your wife and new child.
    Take care and good luck with your new job.
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    I agree with tardus---I don't think you can pick and choose which family member is covered. The single coverage is meant for the employee only.