COLA this year?

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  1. bscott85

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    ok so I still don't understand at all how this is figured I know we didn't get one last year because the index went down, however it went up this year

    May 2009 figure = 208.774
    May 2010 figure = 214.124

    "For every 0.2 point increase in the Index, over and above the base (prior year's) Index plus 3.0% there will be a 1 cent increase."

    So does this mean that the increase has to raise ABOVE 3% before the raises even start to figure in? That pretty much means we get nothing.

    The index didn't even go up 3% this year so does that mean we get nothing again? Anyone know IF/what we get or how the hell to figure this up its confusing
  2. JonFrum

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    Yes. And Yes.

    The Index must first increase by 3%. You get nothing for this increase.

    Then you start counting the pennies. You get a penny for each 0.2 point increase above the 3%.

    However you must be eligible for at least five pennies or more in order to actually get the 5 or more cents added to your hourly pay rate. If you only are eligible for one, two, three or four cents, you get nothing. The pennies just evaporate. Kinda like leaving men on base at the end of a baseball inning.

    So the Index has to increase about 3.5% or more in order for you to actually get a COLA.

    The negotiators of our Contract know there is little hope of actually getting a COLA. They put a hard-to-trigger formula in the Contract so they can sell it to the relatively uninformed members. Most members won't actually decipher Article 33. It's to complicated. They'll just rely on people telling them to "vote YES because we are protected from inflation by a COLA formula."

    The Contract is full of deceptive language that is in fact weak and ineffective when you read it carefully, but it is very sellable when Teamster and Company negotiators join hands and urge you to vote "Yes" based on their summary recomendations.
  3. soberups

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    As much as it pains me to do so, I have to agree with you. That is why I have voted "no" on every offer that has been presented to me during my 23 year career.

    I also have to point out...that when push comes to shove, we are only going to get the contract we are willing to strike over. And our negotiatiors, as well as the companies, are well aware of this fact. Another thing to remember is that sometimes we need to take the "long view" and accept poor language on an issue as opposed to no language so that, in future contracts, we at least have something to build on.

    The 9.5 language is a perfect example. A lot of people complain about how weak it is....and when they do I remind them that, when I started, we had no language at all. We also didnt have 8 hr requests, or the ability to combine optional holidays with a sick day to get an extra week of vacation. These are things we gained incrementally.

    I also need to point out that, at least in my local, the financial aspects of the contract offer were fully explained to us in open meetings prior to our vote. Our local hired a bean-counter to come in and do a powerpoint presentation with lots of charts and graphs and spreadsheets. It was all there for anyone who was willing to listen and pay attention. None of the language was "deceptive" but a lot of it was complicated and I have noticed that most of the people who I hear bitching and griping about the contract are the same people who (A) voted for it and (b) couldnt be bothered to attend the meetings in order to educate themselves about what they were actually voting for.
  4. bscott85

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    so no COLA again then? great
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    I hate to say this but i feel in a few contracts all of us teamsters will be gone.the union's going to be busted by big brown!between their financial situation,letting ups abuse the contract,and brown's committment to tecnology.we are in big trouble!!!!enjoy what your earning now,because in a few years we will all be replaced by lower wage employees!!!
  6. FracusBrown

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    I don't see the union going anywhere. It is likely that newer people will be paid less, longer progression, extended qualification, etc. Why? Because the senior members usually vote for whats in their own best interest without regard (or with less regard) for new people. If theres something to lose or give up, it is almost always lost or given up by the unborn.
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    I like a 32oz cola on a hot day :)
  8. 40 and out

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    No COLA anytime soon, but we need to make sure it stays in the contract,because if the economy ever gets going again we're talking INFLATION from all the things our government is doing to try to fix this mess.
  9. JonFrum

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    And even if we are eligible for a COLA one of these days, it will only be paid to full-timers with over three year's seniority, and part-timers with over five year's seniority.
  10. fxdwg

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    Get used to it. The term "COLA" (in the Cost of living context) will soon be history.
  11. paidover95

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    look at the unions finances,then ups's,then tell me what you think is going on!!dont kid yourself
  12. rama'nfeeders

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    That's why we need to enforce the contract as driver's----package or feeders and yes part timers, also. Come on men and woman fight the fight. If your union is weak--start going to Union Meetings and stop saying I don't go to meeetings because they are on Sundays or whatever. Step up we need eachother!
  13. brown_trousers

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    I went to one of those meetings a couple years ago. I tried to argue that the proposed contract was very lopsided and only really benefited full-timers. I was pretty much ignored. That was the first and last meeting I ever attended.