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A few of the drivers said there was going to be a 12 cent COLA on top of our next raise, but I can't find anything about it. Anyone have any info?


We have never got the COLA raise because it has always been right up under the cap it has to excced. Which sux, because over the years it still ads up.


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I haven't heard anything about it either. With the rising cost of fuel a COLA increase would be most welcome. It seems that everytime I figure out a way to make a little bit more money, taxes, insurance, or some other cost take it away.


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At our morning PCM on Friday our union business agent was there and did announce that we will be seeing a 12 cent COLA in addition to our yearly increase. This would be in the Metro Detroit district, which is covered by the glorious (sarcasm intended) Central States .


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Anyone know what areas are going to see this COLA raise? Is it just for full-timers or will it be part of everyone's raises? I'm in Indianapolis so would I be seeing this raise in August in addition to the already scheduled $1.10 raise?
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" The increase in the index exceeded the adjustment criteria, translating into the following increases:"

  • $0.12 cents per hour, and
  • 0.3 cents per mile (3/10ths of a cent).
This info was put out by the IBT on June 15, 2006, to all the locals.