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  1. rod

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    A friend of mine wants to know if a color blind person can get a driving job or any job for that matter at UPS? In the prehistoric days when I was hired they used different color crayons to sort packages. Missorts were traced by finding out who was using that color at the hub so you had to know colors or the wrong dude would get an :censored2:-woopin. Traffic lights can be memorized by what light is on so that wouldn't be a problem. Is there anything nowdays that requires good color awareness? Inquiring minds want to know.:happy2:
  2. Candelaria

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    All labels now have icons instead of colors associated with them. There's no longer blue or red label air. No more crayon for sequence numbers on the preload - most are on PAS and have a label indicated where the package should be loaded. Don't even need load charts anymore. Go figure...

    Over 70 tape is still yellow with black writing.

    As long as a driver can pass the DOT physical and have the necessary state driver's license, they can operate a UPS vehicle.
  3. Big Babooba

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    They test for color blindness during your DOT physical - or at least they used to. I got my DOT card renewed last month and for the first time I wasn't tested for it. I don't know if it could prevent you from driving but it shouldn't prevent you from getting an inside job.
  4. ol'browneye

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    When I go for my DOT physical and they pull out that little book with all the colored dots, I just tell them "You might as well put that away because I have no idea what numbers I am supposed to find in that thing!" I then point out red, yellow and green items in the examination room so they know I am not totally color blind. When I have taken that test, I will see a 23 when the nurse tells me "No, that's a 7!" I have had doctors tell me that a high percentage of men are color blind to some degree. That's why I work for UPS...don't have to worry about mismatching my socks!!!!:wink2:
  5. Cementups

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    I think the color blindness is totally irrelevant. I had a good friend when I was growing up that was colorblind and he knew what every coolor really was. It is just a learned thing. Though he didn't see the colors as I did he still knew what the color really was.
  6. PTer4Ever

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    I am partially colorblind. When I took my DOT physical a couple weeks ago I told them that I couldn't read the numbers in the dots. They pulled out a piece of cardboard that had something like 8 basic colors on it and asked me what they were. I passed that fine. I'm not sure if I would have been disqualified if I didn't know them, but I do know that for basic hub/ramp jobs that they don't care or even have to know.
  7. over9five

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    DOT physicals here have you tell them the red, yellow, green cards on a far wall. They do change the order!

    I'm not sure how color blindness works, but what if you have a single flashing light at an intersection? How do you know if it's red or green?
  8. ImpactedTSG

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    I've never seen a green flashing light, just yellow or red.
  9. ups79

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    Flashing lights from where I live are always yellow.
  10. over9five

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    Really? Here in Mass we have red, yellow, and green stand alone flashing lights.
  11. Big Babooba

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    As well as flashers in yellow raincoats:happy2:
  12. feeder53

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    In the Military they will not let soldiers enter the Bomb Disposal Units if they are colorblind.

    Clip the blue wire first....................................................
  13. ikoi62

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    Never hire a painter who's color blind....:wink2:
  14. Fullhouse

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    Yea I'm color blind too. I couldn't see the numbers within those dots, but the three colors I aced! hehehe My proplem is I can't see red surrounded buy green. No Orange golf balls for me, I just can't find them after I hit them. I damn near have to step on them before I find them!
  15. tieguy

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    Referencing Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 391.41 Sub part E part (10)

    .....must have meridian in each eye and the ability to recognize the colors of traffic signals and devices showing standard red, green and amber.
  16. john346

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    I'm color blind too, but have always managed to pass the DOT test, no problems. Worried that when I took the written test for my pilots license that I'd be restricted to daytime opps only, but that too seemed to be a myth. When in high school, the recruters wouldn't leave me alone, because my color-blindness made me a great candidate for a tank spotter. What is camouflaged to everyone else isn't so much to guys like us, also everyone's best hunting mate during the seasons because the game you have a difficult time seeing, to me it is almost like there is a fine black outline around them. Buddies may sometimes spot one before me, but I'll always spot the rest that are right there with them. The marriage between my back country flying certificate and my ability to spot game via the local grapevine, typically has my dance card filled with hunters who have drawn permits in difficult areas when the hunt is on to help them to get in the right area. All perfectly legal, so long as there is no communication with anyone on the ground giving a location. We get back to the airsrtip, I'll draw a map or two on the hood of their truck, and wish them well. Gotten me more than a few pounds of prime elk steak in the past!