Come on let's use the brown cafe as a resource to vote Hoffa out

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 407steward, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Anonymous 10

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    How many members do we have here ?
    How many members vote ?
    Think about it.
  2. Anonymous 10

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    Lets use this site to make a change. Sandy Pope will kick halls ass into serving the members.
  3. TheKid

    TheKid Well-Known Member

    No thanks . . .I am happy.
  4. moreluck

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    I don't think you'll be organizing the Brown Cafe..............
  5. Monkey Butt

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    I think we should bring her on as a Mod ... I am tired of being the worst Mod ever. Maybe she could be worse than me.
  6. satellitedriver

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    I got you beat by a mile, you corporate shrill.
  7. The Other Side

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    Why dont we leave the Teamsters internal problems out of a UPS blog...

    If youre unhappy with the hoffa slate, stand in front of your hub and take a stand. Shouting Fire on a blog wont garner votes, it will just embarrass you.

  8. menotyou

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  9. over9five

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    I have you both beat. I had to step down from Modding because I wasn't bad enough...!

    So, do you feel embarrassed?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    If I were to mention the names Sandy Pope and Fred Gregare in my center I would be met with a collective blank stare.

    It doesn't who the small centers such as mine vote for--the election is decided by how the major hubs vote and this is where their efforts should be focused.

    I don't see anything wrong with discussing the internal issues within the Union.
  11. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    There are "Pope" stickers all over our hub. They're on all the gate phones, I've even peeled some off trailers (where I don't feel they should be).
  12. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Me? HAHAHAHA. No. I made myself laugh doing it!!
  13. 804brown

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    No thanks youre "happy" with Hoffa or no thanks to using Brown cafe??
  14. 804brown

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    Seems like there are lots of clueless people upstate. But once people are given a choice to vote Hoffa out, they will !!
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I don't think clueless is the right word. In my part of the world $30/hr plus benefits is living high on the hog. People who are content rarely seek change.
  16. steward71

    steward71 Active Member

    you got that right upstate
  17. brownmonster

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    It's like Republican or Democrat. Half thinks the country will cave in if the other half is elected. In reality life moves along for most of us with minimal change.
  18. brown_trousers

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    Of course... this is the "union issues" forum, not the .............. oh wait.......... isn't teamsters a union?
  19. Anonymous 10

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    Anthrob I know who you are and I'm ready to expose you. The highland come on 407 has shown you the way and you have gone to the dark side.
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  20. UnsurePost

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    In my part of the world 30/hr is below the median income per head of household and barely pays the bills. Your part of the world isn't as important as you want to believe.