Why I'm voting No

Why I'll be voting No.
Nothing in the contract about 22.3s, nothing addressed at all about the outsourcing of clerk work to the 1-800#
or the UPS Store, or the closing of customer counters. The downgrading of UPS' customer service is well under way,
and the customers understand the extortion they are being subject to. This cannot go well for the company in any way.
The 1-800# is a half an hour of automated maze before you can get to "Jeff" in Pakistan. If you can understand him, he
will do little to help you while charging you $7.99 for a service he may or may not submit into the system. They are outsourced,
so their contract depends on a smooth relationship with UPS, so how many of the complaints do you think actually get submitted
to UPS? Make no mistake, this fee will increase if UPS has no customer service centers. If a customer takes a problem to "the UPS Store"
they will be greeted with, "We are not UPS affiliated, sorry."
There are many other ways that this will interfere with our customer base and turn many people away from us as a carrier. What is
to be gained by this? Is this the destruction of our company like Home Depot? Why should we not fight for our jobs?