Comedian jokes about UPS. Funny stuff

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  1. DownsizedUPS'er

    DownsizedUPS'er missing my UPS family

    I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. When I started with UPS I was in the CSTC. While that was not my only position in my 18 years, I can tell you that this bit is right on the money.

    brian regan UPS


    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    You must be new here. This video been on this forum since Ronald Reagan years. I admit its still funny. Please don't come back with the "Hey, dud you hear that FDX and UPS just merged? The company will be called.....NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

  4. DownsizedUPS'er

    DownsizedUPS'er missing my UPS family

    wow, excuse me. i would imagine that you could tell i was new here by the date under my name and avitar. i was only trying to share something i thought was funny. as for the fedex ups joke, thats just not funny so i woudn't think about sharing. but, i thank you for being so kind to someone that you can see is clearly new and had no way of knowing this was previously posted. your help has been noted. :disgusted:
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  5. PassYouBy

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    When I first saw that video.... I laughed my ass off!!
  6. filthpig

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    Welcome to the forum dude (or dude-ette) . No, we're not all morons here. Some people just feel the urge to flex their "cyber muscles".
  7. brownmonster

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    I never saw it. I voted for Ronald Reagan, and you Blackbox, are no Ronald Reagan.
  8. DownsizedUPS'er

    DownsizedUPS'er missing my UPS family

    thank you all for the posts. i appreciate them very much.

  9. cwmaxxout

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    Never mind the clown at our circus he or she only work here GREETING FROM ALL OF US IN THE BROWN CAFE MAXXOUT!!!!!!!
  10. stringerman85

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    That video makes me laugh everytime :happy-very: Thanks for the post
  11. midnitelight

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    LOL, it was a laugh to see it again :happy-very:
  12. sendagain

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    I never saw it, so I have to thank you for posting it. Trying to figure out a weight without a scale always calls for some imagination. When we used the write up books on pickups, I had a guy who constantly lied about his package weights. I used to take out his sheets when I got into my truck and change the weights to the right number. I never could stand people who were cheating us.
  13. DownsizedUPS'er

    DownsizedUPS'er missing my UPS family

    Sendagain, thanks so much. i am glad you enjoyed it. it is very funny trying to explain dim. wght. ect. to the customers. i once had to explain to a customer what a "corrugated box" is.
  14. stevetheupsguy

    stevetheupsguy sʇǝʌǝʇɥǝndsƃnʎ

    I never saw it either, old or not, that was funny.:happy-very:
  15. NaiveRapture

    NaiveRapture Learning the system

    I certainly thought it was funny, repost or not! I will agree though that many customers simply do NOT understand MANY aspects of what we do. Some things I understand, "how would they know?" But others.... well, I have to scratch my head and wonder what in the hell is going on in their brains haha.
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  17. MonavieLeaker

    MonavieLeaker Bringin Teh_Lulz


  18. Monkey Butt

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    Is this another picture of Steve?
  19. LLTailor

    LLTailor New Member

    FedEx with UPS? What DO you get when you merge the two? That's Vin Diesel holding the NOS canister I believe. Does resemble Steve though!
  20. PassYouBy

    PassYouBy Unknown Acrobat

    Lets hope Steve doesn't make bad movies too!!:happy-very: