Company goes under.

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    A Compay on my route, informed me they will be shutting their doors in April. This pu, is a hassle they have heavy packages and is very diificult to back as to get close as possible to them. With that said, I, will miss the friendship developed over the years with the employees. It's very unfortunte to see anyone lose their job in this manner. Without these small buss. Companies like UPS, will continue to see revenue drop. I'am probaly not alone, as some of you have probably seen companies close.
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    Please notify mgt of this so we can be ensure to get paid for our services.
    It is a tough environment out of the blessings of working for UPS.
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    Two in my territory over 200 K annual UPS spend shutting doors by end of June. Both in the electronic / cell phone industry.
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    I lost a Circuit City, Linens and Things, Office Depot, TGI Fridays, Bennigans, 2 Smoothie stores, Quizno's, Scrap Booking store, Mom & Pop Brass Store, Bombay, 2 Golf Stores, 2 Tile/Carpet Stores, Fitness Equipment store, Sound Advice, Nextel/Sprint, Verizon, Marble Slab Creamery, Wendy's, Bob Evans, Thomasville name a few. These have actually gone out in the past 2-3 years.

    Funny part about this is, I still have like 7 Mattress stores on my route.
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    They probably moved to another location to get away from that brown fool with the camera.
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    I'm the only one that could make you look like this, in real life.


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    There was a company on my route where I've known the people there for years, last year they were contemplating whether to close this warehouse or another one in another state nearby due to consolidation. They got the news on Friday morning. By Friday afternoon I noticed a whole bunch of moving trucks park at their place.

    When I passed by their place on Monday the office and warehouse was closed and huge parking lot empty. Amazing...I guess they were'nt the lucky ones to be chosen, 185 employees gone like nobody ever worked there.

    I think the disturbing part about this economy is companys are leaving and nobody leasing their empty space. There are parts of my route that are like a dead zone.