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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by UPSNewbie, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. UPSNewbie

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    I'll just leave this here, since we seemed to have hijacked two threads.

    Any of you used a solid-state drive? Thinking about trying one out when I build a new rig. Load the OS on there and boot up the computer in about two seconds. :happy-very:

    I've also heard good reviews on Windows 7. People are saying that it'll actually be complete when they release it! The local Best Buy here, on their computer sales, they advertise "Upgrade to Windows XP".... from Vista.

    Vista honestly isn't that bad now, but it takes a sh** ton (as Hoax said, it's metric) of memory.

    Release the hounds and discuss.
  2. Solidarity413

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    SSD's are good don't get me wrong. But why not just get 3 Raptors and run them in RAID? WAY BETTER! Although an SSD is worth it, I'm just partial to Raptors. Vista isn't horrible I use it just 'cause I need to have 8g of RAM. What are you using it for? What about Ubuntu? Freeware needs love too :).

    Ram is cheap now and you can easily fit 8 into a mobo so vista ends up being a champ. Any windows product will never be better then Ubuntu IMO. I geeked out enough for now. What do you think?
  3. UPSNewbie

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    To be honest, I've never used Ubunto. I don't even use Vista, since I built my rig in '04. I have played with Vista on another computer, though. Hell, why not go 64 and cram over 8 Gigs of memory? :funny:

    And lawdy, brother. RAID-ing three Raptors to get above SSD in performance just isn't cost effective. I only want like a 64gig SSD to boot Windows off of and a few critical programs and what not. Hell, I could go as low as 16 if I wanted. I would consider 3 Raptors w/RAID for my stockpile of media and all other saved stuff, but that's not what I want an SSD for. I do understand what you're saying, though.
  4. Jones

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    Heh, I'm almost scared to ask why you need 8gb of RAM, I'm still on old 32 bit XP pro so I'm maxed out at 4, which is still enough to turn off virtual memory and get rid of that annoying page file. I was dual booting the Win7 RC for a while, it's completely stable and fully functional, the only thing I couldn't get drivers for was an old diamond extreme sound card. If you're using onboard audio from realtek you'll be fine. I never made the move to Vista, and with Win7 right around the corner I don't see a reason to now. You should check out the RC, it's free and good through next June when it will start shutting down, all you need is a DVD burner for the ISO.
    SSD's are tempting, but still a little bit pricey for me. I was reading over on Newegg in the customer reviews where some guy claims he's running five of them in a RAID config and ripping DVD's in 15 seconds. Not sure I believe that....
  5. UPSNewbie

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    I never moved to Vista either. Could have something to do with only 512 ram.... Built this computer right when I started high school, and just never felt the need to upgrade. Vista would probably kick my computer's ass.

    I would say it's kind of hard to believe that guy as well. Though, probably won't know until I try.
  6. trplnkl

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    Yep, I think you've geeked out quite enough.

    what the hell did he say?
  7. rod

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    Good Lord---I think I'll go listen to my 8-track:sad-little:
  8. Jones

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    So I'm putting together a budget rig to replace my wife's old Sony Vaio, I posted it up on Newegg's public wishlist here.
    My main concern is the motherboard, I want decent onboard graphics with the flexibility to upgrade both the cpu and the gpu down the road as prices drop.
    I spent a lil bit extra on the power supply because once you go modular it's hard to go back, and the 4gb of ram was too cheap to pass up. I don't really need the monitor, but that's a pretty good deal for a 22" lcd. If I drop it from the final build the total price drops to just under $400. I won't pull the trigger for at least a couple weeks, so if you see any glaring flaws let me know :happy2:.
  9. UPSNewbie

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    I'll give it a look later (have to leave very shortly), but modular PSs are most excellent. In this computer, I have a modular, fan-less 550W.

    *Had to use a Dremel on the case so the heat sink would fit out the back of it.