I started posting here to see the opinions of other UPSers. I want to know how universal are the problems I face in my dept/career as are with others and their position. With that said

No promotion= cuz I'm white
This is an issue that deals with real world discrimination! Political views as far as affirmative action, civil rights, and EOE. Is what I am discussing!
I was told I was qualified! Than told NO! CUZ IM WHITE!

This is a Mystery in the area I work. I am not union I do not know how much I am getting in august! In management we are supposed to receive an annual review, talk listen action (TLA), career development, QPR, and other PAPER JOBS. I want some one to cut the BS out and tell me! The true process!

“hi gibby this year you developed a lot as an employee but others have done much better your attendance was lacking much of the year and you are already the top of your pay group. So we have 3.5% for the dept this year. This equates to $100 total with you and one other person I see it to give you the ‘norm’ (3% of my pay) $30 bucks more and Steve is getting 70 because he is a brand new sup bottom on the pay scale and has developed many skills in his first year so he will get 70%, So improve your attendance and next year should be a good year for you 70 no but possibly 50 lets talk once a month on improvement and progress towards your goals”


“Gibby here (managers hand piece of paper) Heard nothing but good things! You got better than others but not the best talk to your fulltime if you want better next year on what you need to do”

WHAT? How did he make the justification of my raise then? My fulltime is not the one in charge of the raise, but now he is?

---------WHAT IS THE PROCESS----- this follows no logical path


This is something every person has the right to know! Especially if you are going in to FT Management.

Steve 1 five years with the company
No schooling, but has ambition of making good money and having a secure job for LIFE! Likes physical labor and driving big things! Hmm

Steve 2 five years with the company
Went to school, has a physical disability that keeps him from driving or has no desire for that position because his heart is somewhere else! Wants to write computer code cuz it’s the funniest thing in the world to him

I’m a loader “steve1” up for a driver position. I get a job offer from Pepsi to drive for them. Pepsi offers me 20 an hour to drive no benefits nothing. We all know what UPS has to offer! Easy call! STAY AT UPS.

I am a loader “steve2” who just finished my degree which now qualifies me for a fulltime position in management ( this does not mean just Operations as a ground pounder it could also be sales rep or HR or business development , PR, any and all non operations depts. In this case we will say TSG or the twenty other computer science related positions.) This person passes mapps, inbox, panel, and has manager approval to go on with UPS! He is offered a Full time sup position in the local TSG dept! But they don’t tell him the pay until you accept the position! He has another job offer from Pepsi to do pure computer code writing for a program at 20 an hour. Then at the last second Engineering automation calls and says we will give you a specialist position. He wants to stay at ups to keep seniority. Not knowing the pay scales from one area to another? What decision does he make? …….I have no clue?

If I was him and had a true passion for code writing I would not go to TSG. They deal with computers but do not write code. Like the difference between a motorcycle mechanic and a motorcycle builder (like west coast choppers) there is a big difference in the two jobs.

Tsg= good pay but no fun
Automation engineering= fun but low pay as a specialist
Pepsi= fun but poor pay for field and its Pepsi not ups

Now lets say that because automation is such a elite group of UPS people they are actually paid at different grades than all other depts. Specialist = fulltime sup,FT-sup=manager, manger=DM and so on just a mix up of titles. Is it possible HELL YEAH!

With this said it could be very tough for someone to justify going one way or another in the company and its not all ways based on money, but if more is available at a better position it is only logical to take it!
No driver could tell me he/ she would be a driver if they spent 5 years in the hub and to work there way to seniority for a job that pays ‘X’ amount.
The first thing people say to me when I tell them I work at ups is “they pay the drivers well” YEP that is why some people go to work there for no other reason than a paycheck!

Not all of us have such a narrow out look on occupations.
***not to say this is the mentality of all drivers***


These are all experiences I have faced in my time at UPS!

Do I have the right to get on a forum and be pissed at UPS?
You better believe it!

Can I say things that UPS/UPSERS/GOVT/ALL might be offended by?
You better believe it!

Can you argue your point?
YEP all day!

Can I say I hate the teamsters and all Eskimos?
You better believe it!

Can I express myself but still be a damn good supervisor?
You better believe it!

Can I make logical business decisions?

Am I human?
Yes we all make mistakes and I will be the first to admit it!

I will say I’m sorry to anyone who I offended or hurt! No threats are intended to anyone!

This all shows the classic example of someone being upset, and it being considered a bad thing!
Emotions are human nature they should be dealt with in a constructive manner. In no way do I spite union employees or do I threaten upper management at work. I do not tell people they are not smart or dumb! I have my beliefs and my view on the company, and I will continue to express it.

If you have a problem with me being the future of this company, then do something about it! Stand up and fight for what you believe in! OTHERWISE SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND WORK AS DIRECTED!

You can be great leader sup manger or driver but still have your own opinion on how things happen or work.

But before you argue back at me do your research. Don’t be ignorant, or I will stoop to your level and make fun of you and your mom! If you want to battle with words don’t come un-prepared. I’m solely on this forum to learn! Learn thoughts of union/nonunion, about ups, future past and present. Nothing you say will deter me from becoming greater or achieving more.



Cuz I went to college "cuz". You need your meds and a vacation. Cuz thats why cuz

ben schreilavoge

When people like you come around its almost like the entire operation makes an effort to suck on your behalf. Honestly I've seen it happen.

Land Rover Range Rover

Being a package delivery driver is more than just delivering packages. You are so jealous with the money the FT union workers make. You posted somewhere that drivers make 50k? Yeah right! How many drivers work 8 hour days? Not that I know of, and there aren't that many that do. Do you really want to know how much a FT driver makes? I pulled in about $85,000 last year. How? I work my *** off for nearly 12 hours a day. Average salary for many drivers is probably in the $70,000 range. And the salary of drivers will continue to grow every year. While I'm cruising around in my $80,000 Range Rover and you are stuck driving a 1990ish Honda Civic.


Well-Known Member are obiously management, because of the qpr talk. Look at the paper they hand has the raise right there, and what you need to work on. I wen't to college to, but as I have always said, a sheet of paper doesn't make you smart....I think in your case...nevermind, I think I made my point.


GIBBY14 said:

If I was him and had a true passion for code writing I would not go to TSG. They deal with computers but do not write code. Like the difference between a motorcycle mechanic and a motorcycle builder (like west coast choppers) there is a big difference in the two jobs.

Tsg= good pay but no fun

If you are interested in programming, you need to check corporate for jobs there. They are currently hiring. Involves phone interview, if you pass that, they will pay for you to fly to Jersey and do a live interview. If you are selected, you will be promoted to Specialist and attend their training class (heard it's anywhere from 6 - 12 weeks) and then will be offered a location to transfer to (all corporate so Jersey or Georgia). If you don't pass the training class, you will be sent back to your local district. If they don't have a specialist position available for you to fill then......