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    Hey guys, just looking for some advice.

    Ive been with UPS in NJ for two years now and first started working with hopes to become a driver one day. After working there for 2 years and talking to drivers and what not, I kind of got the low down on the job and i'm not too sure its really what i want to do with my life, you do only live once. Ive heard everything from ''its great'' to ''it's alright'' to ''you might as well shoot yourself in the face'' when asking drivers how the job was. The long hours, horrible work, retarded sups, no free time, chronic pain, stress, etc just doesnt seem worth it to me personally, it just looks like a slave operation. While ill be making good money and be able to live comfortably, ill also most likely be miserable, stressed out, over-worked, not have any free time, and being that ''woulda coulda shoulda'' guy. I also work as a trainer at a gym and thats really what i'd like to do for a living, but i might not be able to make the type of money id be making at UPS and also I wont have the benefits and pension and all that good stuff that comes with working for UPS. I'd really like to open up a gym and train athletes and make a living doing something that I love to do, living my dream and playing by my own rules, but theres always that big chance that i'd fail and wind up broke as hell and regretting leaving UPS. My family and anyone i talk to all think UPS is the best company in the world and say i'd be an idiot to leave, you know, the same kind of **** we'd say if we never worked for UPS. None of these people have any idea what UPS is really about and would think 100% differently after a few weeks in that hell hole. I'm really confused on what I should do, ive been stressed out lately and reached the point where i HATE my job as a loader. My shop steward says theres no telling how long ill have to wait to go driving, it could be next month or in 2 more years, so i'm seriously confused about what I should do here. Should I wait it out and be miserable til i get to try the driving thing out (and most likely still be miserable, unless i do happen to like it or have a different outlook on life), or just grow some balls, risk it all, quit, and pursue my passion?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you want to be a trainer do that, just keep the part time job at UPS for the benefits. That is the reason a lot of part timers work there.
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    Part of any decision making process is asking for advice from others, which you have done, but ultimately the decision will be yours. p228 gave you some good advice. I would add that perhaps rather than try to open and run your own gym you may look for a current gym owner who may be looking for a partner. This would give you an expanded role in running a gym beyond that of a trainer. You may also look to manage their gym for them without having to deal with the business aspect of doing so thus freeing you up to do what you enjoy.

    I have been a driver for 21 years. I was an off the street hire so never worked on the inside. UPS has provided me with a comfortable lifestyle and helped me put my 2 kids through college and will ensure a comfortable retirement. The pay and benefits are among the best in the industry. The focus has shifted from the customer to numbers. Technological monitoring is becoming common place and the ability of the driver to make decisions and think for themselves has been taken away. Several of my co-workers and I have nicknamed the new DIAD upgrades "UPS for Dummies" as they basically walk you through your day from the moment you punch in to the moment you punch out.

    I would be hard pressed to recommend this job to anyone.
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    Pretty much sums up what I've seen and heard from drivers for the past 15 years. Upstate gave you priceless advice. Try to do what you love while keeping the pt status.
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    See if you can sign up to do Saturday Air deliveries they are always in need of people and you will get a taste of the job.And take Upstate's advice, stay on for the benefits @ PT you cannot go wrong.I came on to get through a rough stretch in my life and have been here ever since .I have one more contract to go until retirement and the pt pension will help with the cost of bait and green fees
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    Dear Confused, I had for two seasons worked as a drivers helper and I had really liked doing the job and liked working with all of my drivers. all of my drivers complained about the job all but two drivers said they hated the job but they would not quit because of the money and benefits were to good. I worked on a cruise ship so I know all about long hours and hard work I wish my drivers could experience my life on the cruise ship all of them would be begging to go back to ups. at least ups drivers get weekends off on the cruise ship I worked every day for at least 13 hours every day for 5 months straight but like ups the money and benefits were good that's why people kept going back to the job despite the long hours and hard work. in my opinion you should do both jobs.