Congrats DJ!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Nov 18, 2002.

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    9th in Cup points was a good finish since the first 3rd of the season was so bad. DJ and Team UPS showed a lot of consistancy in the 2nd half so hopefully this will build for next year.

    And lastly,

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    Speaking of next year, just learned Team UPS will test Tuesday and Wednesday at Kentucky Motor Speedway. Looks like next year starts tomorrow.
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    Although not a NASCAR fan, I enjoyed watching number 88 this season. Sunday, I saw the Wayne Newton commercial for the first time. As with all things Wayne Newton does, it was so hideously bad, it was almost good. If I was DJ I would race the truck, just to get rid of Wayne!

    Go UPS
    Race that Truck Dale! Wayne Newton is too much even for us!
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    Found this on

    "A Wild UPS Commercial? Hearing that Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds and Mike Joy recently filmed a new UPS commercial in Charlotte.. No word on when it will air.(11-19-2002)"
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    Peacock 71...
    You're not picking on good ole Wayne are you? He's one of my favorite "lounge lizards" of all time. How many other people do you know who have mafia ties and are still standing upright?

    Granted, his voice has gotten gravelly & hoarse over the years, but he can still belt out some songs. He plays multiple musical instruments and raises some beautiful Arabian horses.

    C'mon all you closet Newton fans....let's hear it for Wayne !! Or, as he likes to be called, Mr. Las Vegas.
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    I must say that the new Nascar commercial with Wayne Newton was "Non UPS Typical" It was very well done and I thought that the "88" girls were fabulous in their Brown stretch uniforms. I am hoping that the "88" girls would be a regular back drop in future commercials.

    The real question is " How much do we pay these semi-retired Crooners to be in our commercials??"

    Danka Shane
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    Do you know when the awards ceremony will be on t.v.? I missed it last year, thanks !![​IMG]
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    Next thing UPS will sponsor the Victoria's Secret night on TV. complete with number 88 Brown underwear....probably modeled by Wayne himself...

    Give me Bruce Springsteen any day..

    Go UPS!
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    It's Friday night Dec. 6th and I think it's live on TNT. I'm always working so I never get to see it but I'll tape it this year just to hear Tony. Should prove interesting.

    As for Victoria's Secret. Since I'm on vacation this week and next, I got to see some of it (caught peeks while threading pipe for new gasline, some vacation LOL!) anyway, what a bunch of overrated hype. After what I've seen on TV the last few nights I'm thankful I do work nights. What a freakin joke!

    If my wife walked in wearing angels wings I'd be concerned as to what kind of evening it would be. Now if it was a devil suit! HUBBA! HUBBA!
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    It is good that DJ can have an "off" year and still finish ninth in points. Both Yates teams in the top ten is a bonus.

    I was really glad to see Tony Stewart win the points championship. He's had a lot of problems this season - some he caused himself - but I think he will be a good representative for the sport. Have you ever seen him around kids? He loves them - probably because they don't pester him for autographs, pictures, comments, etc....

    Go #88 IN 2003!