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    I'm 55 and have had a long career in IT (not UPS). Looking to work a lot fewer hours than I do now until I'm 65. I've read that UPS offers health insurance for part time employees. Is it realistic to apply for part time package handler positions at my age (would UPS even consider hiring me)? I hear it's pretty labor intensive but I'm in pretty good shape. Are there other types of part-time positions that come available from time to time, maybe even IT jobs?
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    @Poop Head
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    Health insurance after 1 year in most places. UPS would probably take you to improve its hiring demographics reports. But there have been guys in my region who have actually gone to the hospital or died during a sort when their bodies just gave out on them. Had no business being on the job. Never, ever makes it to the news.

    If you think you’d be pretty good at IT, save yourself the trouble of the physical toll and getting up in the middle of the night year would bring.


    Why not just freelance in IT?