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    I agree !
    Catholic or not, if Catholics are against it - then don't use it !
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    Abortion is clearly wrong and contraceptives are wrong.. What if Klein were aborted or the blessed union of that blessed sperm and glorious egg never happened due to contraceptives. ? We would never benefit from the endless wisdom he bestows on us. But Klein is an advocate for abortion and contraceptives, but then by that reasoning, Klein would advocate for his own abortion if it were inconvenient for his parents. Then we wouldn't have Klein to tell us that Abortion and contraceptives should be readily available and forced to be supplied by those who prefer not to .

    I am confizzled: Klein is so wonderful and wise, but if his philosophies were in effect before he was born, we never would have him to share his philosophies.
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    Is that why he has coat hanger marks on his forehead?