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    Does anyone know when our contract ends? I was talking to a friend of mine who loads trailers over at CACH, and he was saying Its not going to end soon or something like that. Does anyone have any info when does our package car contract end?
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    It was scheduled to end July 31, but the company & IBT have agreed to extend it indefinitely.

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    People at the CACH don't know their butt from :censored2: in the ground.
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    Finally, something we agree about! :wink2:
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    Why is all the toilet paper out in the back yard?
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    Bags, I changed your quote.
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    I don't date.
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    we all agree with everything you say hoax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Threads like this make me sad.
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    Would suggest that Dude!
    ​I don't agree with myself half the time.
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    What is CACH?
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    Especially if I have to sign a contract.
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    Well, its his way or the high way. Welcome to cyber communist Russia.
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    Chicago Super Hub. The bain of all hubs in the country. I would have thought every Hub in the country had to get CACH trailers or load smalls to CACH. I imagine you work in a smaller center maybe?
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    Hello me it's me again, you can subdue but never tame me.