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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Dsly, Feb 29, 2020.

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    Hi, Ive been wondering what my pay progression should be, I’ve been a little confused because I’ve been hearing different things from everyone. This is what I’ve heard, I started on June 5th 2018 in Northern California, before the old contract ended. I’ve heard that I’m on the 4 year pay progression and I’ve also heard I’m on the 5 year pay progression. My current pay rate is 23.35 because I choose for now to stay Tuesday - Saturday, would be 23$ if I was Monday-Friday.1 what should my pay be? And 2 am I on the 4 or 5 year pay progression?
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    What do you mean you started on June 5th? Is that your seniority date? It doesn’t matter when you started. If that is your seniority date you should definitely be under the 4 year progression.
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    There is no 5 year progression. Whether you started on the previous contract, before August 1, 2018 or later, it’s the same 4 years at the same rate. Only difference is if you started before, you get the annual raises too
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    I am assuming you are a ground driver, based on the pay rates you are quoting. Read article 41 of the master. Do you see a 5 year progression? What does it say your pay rate should be?
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    My seniority date is June 5, so I should get the annual increase? That is another thing I’ve been fighting about.
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    You only get the annual increase after you are out of progression from the way I understand it.
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    What?? So because you do T-S you get a extra $.35?
  8. MyTripisCut

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    That’s a whole $14 per week! Totally worth it.....
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  9. 542thruNthru

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    That's like a 34 pack of Mich Ultra!
  10. Sweeper

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    Actually the way it was explained to me you get both kinda.

    You get the progression rate as your progression from full time seniority and all employees get GWI Aug 1st.

    example seniority date 6/5/18

    For a full time package driver based only on the NMA

    $21.00 as of 8/1/18
    $23.00 as of 6/5/19
    $23.75 as of 8/1/19
    $24.00 as of 6/5/20
    $24.80 as of 8/1/20
    $28.75 as of 6/5/21
    $29.85 as of 8/1/21

    your supplement may have additional wage language

    Full Rate as of 6/5/22