this is not the best contract for the teamsters in the central conference. over the life of this contract ups will put about $27,040.00 increase in to the health & welfare fund per full time worker. for this increase most of the regions are getting a increase in pensions pay out rates. some are $3,600 at 30 years at the end of this contract. the centeral region will not get any increase, why is this???
the union has said that they will sign a side agrement with ups not do rase the pension pay out rates, & make the central region pension plan more like the western region plan.
if this is so why was there no information about this with the balot that they sent out to the members. the members should see what they are voting for. why would the union single out one pension plan this way. is the central region plan in trouble, if so they have not said so!!!!
why sould one teamster get a beter pension that another one , when this is a national contract,& ups payes the same into all of this plans???


Look no further than the union itself. If these assertions are true then I blame Hoffa and the union itself. Notice I said assertions because I think there's a lot more TDU behind this story than people realize. But JMO here.

UPS has every right to walk off the car lot driving a Benz for Chevy Vega prices if it can get away with it. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. To much bullschitt from all sides to see what the real truth is at this time. I trust all parties equally beause I don't trust any of them at all until I can see the facts. UPS gives up the money at the point of a gun (i.e. strike) to the union via their fiducary Central States and they control the rest. Our glorious union leadership backed by the great and wonderful TDU and the so-called democratic progressive union types back in 97' slammed the door on any open discussion on various avenues of funding a pension so we should just sit down, shut up and take it like a man and yes, they have thrown away the lube. The smart move at this point is fatten up your 401k or IRA because this thing may not be there when you need it. BTW: I wonder if those TDU, Democratic, Progressive types would respect me long enough to allow me to stand up in a union meeting and say what I just said? Absolutely not but I'm lucky to have a local leadership who at one time bought the TDU line to some degree but since 97' has woke up and seen a different world. So did I. I wish you luck and hope it works out for you.