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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BrownArmy, Sep 2, 2012.

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    The right is slamming Obama about 'letting people on welfare work for nothing' etc.

    What is the truth about this issue?
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    Welfare IMO is mostly about creating a price floor to support prices. Having a ready market to mop up surplus and maintain aggregate demand is why a Walmart enjoys 25% of revenue from the food stamp program. No welfare programs would mean the welfare class is incentivized to create local gray and black markets (gov't and white corp. markets have regulated local startups out) that directly compete with privileged white market companies thus creating competitive upstarts. A small local food market opens and the large connected markets get a regulation passed to kill the upstart but they are able to absorb as a business cost while maintaining consumer market control.

    Imagine local community gardens for example providing a local low cost food option to a Walmart? Walmart makes a phone call and in come the zoning enforcers or other inspectors who of course dot every "i" and cross every "t". Being locked out of capital and currency markets, what are the odds that investment funds for regulatory compliance and upgrades will be available? What if local communities created their own currency models in order to create a medium of exchange to advance economic activity? What is bitcoin? From that, what if local savings and banking co-ops were created in order to generate local investment to spur move economic activity? But then crony capitalism has created a monopoly currency with it's legal tender laws and the monopoly privilege that all forms of taxes must be paid in Federal Reserve Notes, you know what you just call dollars.

    There's nothing "free(d) market" about crony capitalism and never has been. But let's not dare talk about a JP Morgan who profits from gov't programs and the more in the program, the more JPM profits.

    I get tickled when someone like Brett or several others here will to the death defend Corp. America and at the same time scream bloody murder about the welfare programs of which those same Corporations profit. At the same time someone like 804 will come here defending gov't welfare programs and the Occupy protests which also defend same programs but their defense of is a leading profit line of the very corporations they protest. Both Brett, 804 and the rest are being played like bait on a hook and the corporations and their well placed partners in gov't keep the game alive and going.

    In the meantime, go vote and you can change things for the better. As Emma Goldman once said, "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal!"
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