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    The Occupy Wall Street Revolution should use Scott Davis as their poster child for Corporate Greed. Scott made 9.5 Million last year that is a 73% increase over last year. My increase was somewhere around 2% we both have the same level of education but he makes 12,000% more than me? It is time for the 99% of UPS’ers who are referred to as “Human Resource Liabilities” ( HRL’s) by upper management to WAKE UP! Ever since this company went public they have been lying to you and doing everything in their power to screw you out of benefits here are just a few examples of crimes that the corporate criminals have perpetrated on the HRL’s.

    Several years ago they put a lifetime cap on Tuition reimbursement. What this does is make it much more difficult for the aging HRL’s to stay current in a rapidly changing industry. The last thing the Corporate criminals want is aging HRL’s that are capable of critical thinking. They want you to know just enough to run the machine and nothing more. They can hire HRL’s’s right out of college who just spent 100K of their own money on education and pay them a third less than you. They would rather make up some story about you not doing your job and try to PIP you to death so they can reduce payroll expenses.

    Have you taken a look at the training web site lately it is a complete joke there is no external training available only pitiful computer based training. This once again plays right into the Corporate Criminals plan to dumb down the work force and reduce their ability to produce critical thinking. They want sheep that will passively go to the slaughter when they tell you they are reducing some benefit so that Scott can make even more money.

    They originally said that the outsourcing company IBM created would only be doing production support. Everyone knows they are doing new work. If the corporate criminals would lie about this to the HRL’s they will lie about anything.

    The corporate criminals keep saying they are not going to touch the pension, they are lying just like they lied about IBM wake up UPSers!

    Why do they refer to you as a HRL because it makes it easier to try and PIP you to death! Wake Up you are not a human being with a family and a mortgage you are an inanimate object like a Package Car you are just the nut behind the wheel.

    It is time for the 99% of UPS’ers who have gotten totally screwed by the corporate criminals to rise up and tell the world about their crimes. Go to the Occupy Wall Street nearest you wearing your Vendetta mask so they can’t try and Pip you to death the next day and a sign with a picture of the Head of Corporate Criminals Scott Davis. Tell the world about his crimes against the HRL’s and list your demands clearly like a complete end to their attempts to Pip you to death. Rise up people these Corporate criminals are only going to get more brazen about their crimes. The one thing Corporate Criminals can’t stand is having their crimes exposed this will make a difference.
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    2029dude---I've read your posts before and felt your pain. However, it sounds like you've gone off the deep end and need to get back to earth. You should seriously think about opting out of the G&A portfolio and getting away from the hotel guy. Have you checked career ops lately? Life is much more fun when you are out from under that large shadow.
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    I couldn't agree more with this post... they (Grade 20 and above) have a separate pay scale, incentives and bonuses.
    It's bull but what can we do? We will get our 2% in April and be told that we are lucky to have a job.
    They demote people stating the economy is forcing it to happen when you really have people making more than a million dollars a year just taking money from people making 1/10th of that.
    They are lousy managers and worse, they are bullies that will make sure your career ends if you speak against them.
    Maybe a white collar union is the way to go, then maybe they will really listen and not just explain everything away.
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    Apparently they have not attempted to Pip you to death. This is a life or death struggle, there is no escape from G&A if you have been put on PIP. The only thing I can tell you is things will not work out so well for them if they try it to me. I have spoken to a lawyer and I will drag their sorry asses into court then you will learn who I am as well as everyone I report to because you will be able to read all about it in agonizing detail in the Star Ledger. It is unfortunate but the only thing they understand if fear and intimidation Wake up and smell the coffee you are getting screwed over so dirt bags like Scott can make millions.
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    I guess I should consider myself lucky that I 'escaped' the madness.
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    Our father,who art in Atlanta
    Scott Davis be thy name;
    Thy shareholders declare,
    profit increases will be done.
    On road, as it is in China.
    Give us this day our sphor;
    And forgive us our arrogance
    As we have forgiven our employees for that strike;
    And lead us not into lockouts,
    But deliver 178 stops in under 9.5
    For thine is the methods,
    And the power,
    And the glory, Forever and ever.
    At the end of the day.
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    <<The Occupy Wall Street Revolution should use Scott Davis as their poster child for Corporate Greed. Scott made 9.5 Million last year that is a 73% increase over last year. My increase was somewhere around 2% we both have the same level of education but he makes 12,000% more than me?>> What's your handicap? You have to do your comparison using metrics that are relevant. College isn't. Golf is. Think, man, think!
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    u think the hotel guy got ahead by playing golf?????