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    I currently work PM sort and also run an evening air shuttle after that sort (mon-fri) then on saturdays i run a mid-day shuttle as well. What is the correct procedure for opting out of Air driving all together? I have an opportunity to take another job, but I would like to keep working the PM sort. How do I go about this? Do I have to give them a certain amount of time? And also I will be disqualified for air driving for a year, correct?
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    Oh, and also if I do opt out, when I decide to go back into driving. If for some reason I decide to shuttle again (I probably won't) but will I start all over and have to shuttle two years before I top out again?
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    Your first and best choice to get an answer to this question would be talking to your steward. Any advice given here would be generalizations. For instance: Write a letter stating that wish to withdraw as an air driver. Sign it, date it and time stamp it. Take a copy of it and turn it in to your sup. Be sure to specify you are withdrawing from air only. Most likely yes, you will be DQ'd for a year. Yes, most likely you will have to start at the bottom if you decide to go back.
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    If you are a part-timer, read Article 40 very carefully.

    Section 1 - Air Drivers
    (a) Air driver work shall consist of delivery and pickup of air packages which, because of time and customer commitments, cannot be reasonably performed by regular package drivers. . .

    (9) Movement of air packages to airports and other locations such as service centers, UPS buildings and driver meet points. Shuttle work currently performed by regular full-time drivers shall be excluded. Should a regular full-time driver vacate a position which includes air shuttle work, that job shall either be rebid as it previously existed and continue to be paid at the regular driver rate or the air shuttle work may be combined with other air work to create one (1) or more full-time air or full-time combination job(s) paid in accordance with Section 6 below. In no event shall such shuttle work be assigned to a part-time air driver.

    Shuttle work currently being performed by part-time air drivers shall be converted to full-time air driver work when the driver vacates the job except when there is not enough work available to create a full-time job.
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    Yeah, not sure why it didn't even cross my mind to talk to the steward. Thanks for pointing that out