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    So, I read a post about what UPS is doing to save on costs. What's everyone elses' ideas on how to save money?

    Last week I didn't have my 1000. They gave me an 800 (which I broke 2 days in) then a 700. The reason I didn't have my 1000? They lost the keys. Apparently I WAS using the spare set. Well, that week I had 25 missed deliveries and around 26 pieces of late air. In total, that 1 little mistake of not keeping track of spare sets of keys likely cost UPS $3k easy.

    In the winter time, we have vehicle parked outside in -30 weather. These are the vehicles for our EAM drivers. Guess what, 99% don't start in -30 weather. Why not, at 2am, move them inside and block all the rest of the vehicles? It's not like a driver will show up at 2am and start his delivery route! OR have a tow truck come and start jumping them at 5am so they're warm, toasty and ready to roll come EAM time. It would cost a little more on fuel but would save on the late EAMs.

    Now, how to increase profit a little bit here. I worked ECS when I bummed my back. Apparently, if a customer wants to pick up his package at a UPS store they have to CALL the UPS store and arrange it all themselves. This is freaking stupid! Yes, it's independantly owned but there's a way to increase profit for everyone here. The person already is going to pay around $5 for picking up their package at the UPS store, why not charge them $6 and a dollar goes to UPS? Suddenly UPS increases it's money A LOT, the store increases it's money a ton and the only person that gets hit with anything negative is the UPS driver with a few more packages. It also means the other driver won't have to go back 10 times to the same place because the customer is too stupid to realize he won't be home when it's delivered and keeps asking for it to be sent out.

    Get rid of our freaking pens! I know UPS is supposed to 'supply equipment' but come on...THEY'RE PENS!!! Everyone has them kicking around the house. They're $2 for a pack of like 6. Have the drivers buy their own pens (I know, treading on dangerous ground here) and it's likely, with UPS not having to spend $10 000 a week on pens, a few drivers could get their jobs back (well, ok, now I'm dreaming because we all know management would just get their raises).

    Now, this is the part I don't really understand. Did our president of UPS get a massive 110% raise last year? I don't know if he did or didn't, it could be rumor. If not, where the heck's the union to crap all over this? Last year we were still in a recession and people were still losing jobs. Tell'em to cut back his current pay NOW. Does he really need that extra million dollars in stock options?

    Retire old goofball managers. Keep the good goofball managers. Yes, it might hit you hard in a severance pay but you're going to make it up tenfold with the amount of employees you keep around after the dinguses are laidoff. In the long run, because they're with the company longer, you'll also save money salary wise. Ok, you might lose some of their 'knowledge' but we're not piloting a rocketship. WE DELIVER PACKAGES!!! So, the numbers aren't crunched 100% to their liking, well, big news here UPS...Brace yourself...YOUR NUMBER SYSTEM IS FREAKING BROKEN ANYWAYS!!!

    Have customers supply their own waybills if you want to save drivers some time. I despise filling these things out and each one takes around 2 minutes to do. Why waste those 2 minutes when a lazy arse customer can go down the street and pick up a crap load from a UPS store, OR get a crap load delivered by the driver and have it all filled out and waiting? If it's not filled out and waiting, customer's not ready. I'm sorry, but I should not have to waste my time and UPS' time because someone's a lazy arse and won't fill it out themselves.

    Fix your dang routes. Make them as close to 8.5 as you can. We know, you want to save money by laying off drivers because there's not 8 hours of work on their truck. Oooook, so instead of paying someone 8 hours of work you're going to send out multiple drivers (lets say max pay drivers) with 7.5 hours of this other guys work...hmm...lets see, that's an extra hour of overtime for each driver...and oh my god, you're actually spending more then saving you doofuses! Just because it worked in the last recession it doesn't mean it works in this recession. I know, change is scary but you're still having to pay all these drivers benefits so why not give the guy his job back and actually SAAAAAVE money.

    Cut the UW crap. There are your own people out there without a job now because of this junk. I'm sorry I'm not paying some 16 year old girl who got knocked up and decided to keep the kid instead of aborting it or putting the kid up for adoption, a cent of my paycheck when you have hard working UPS employees laid off everyday. Yes, it sucks to be her, no I don't know her so I don't care. I'll look after my union brothers and sisters first, thank you very much. Maybe if you show some loyalty to us, we might show some more to you...Maybe then you'd actually have people WANTING to work for you instead of just putting in their time until retirement...What a freaking, mind bending concept! Maybe you missed loyalty to your employees means loyalty to the company course in UPS university? Or did they cancel it for nap time?

    Sorry, kind of became a rant post...anyways, any other ideas?
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    Haven't you figured out yet, UPS is all about numbers ?
    We had this female driver, whos run was cut that day. She got to stay, and do clean up, from office to bathrooms, sure enough at 4pm, help calls start comming in... by 5pm 5 drivers needed help, she asked if she could go out, and help us. Answer was NO !
    Ofcourse we had misses that day. But numbers looked great.
    Soo many packages, and only that amount of trucks.
    Yes, it's crazy, while all others are working 10-11.5 hrs... her run gets cut.
    But, numbers look great.
    Makes the center look great.
    And they even take it further then that.
    Now, since I no longer work there, I can honestly say this :
    If you had a miss. The center would tell us not to use our diad. They will scan it, once we get back (ofcourse got scanned anything else but missed).

    Every center gets compared to all others , and the NUMBERS are the key role !
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    They tried to fire one of our drivers for not scanning a missed package a few weeks ago. At the hearing he explained that that is what we had been instructed to do. After an investigation our center manager resigned and 2 of our OC sups were reassigned. Granted they were able to hide the missed for 2 years before it came out, but it is nice to see karma come around occasionally.
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    Actually, last time I heard (2 weeks ago), our center manager finally had to answer to that. She got caught, I heard. (it's hiersay), but it sounds right.
    Falshverfying numbers.
    But, I think all she got was a wakeup/warning call.
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    Which center?