Could the Union and UPS be sued???

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by caharrell5, May 5, 2011.

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    I was wondering if the Union could be sued for false representation. At our center we hear everyday the union is looking in to it...its been going on for years and nothing gets done. I was asked yesterday by another member if I thought the Union could be sued for false representation??? Then also, what about UPS being sued for breach of contract??? Is this what has to happen to get something done???
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    The grievance procedure is our way of suing UPS for breach of contract. You can sue the union by withdrawing.
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    If you have a bankroll you want to blow, sure they could. I think it would be a very interesting case. I would be willing to be a witness to the union's lack of involvement.
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    File charges with the NLRB for not representing fairly, or at all. That is what I have been told, anyway.
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    The above is true. Your union rep will probably ostrisize you, though. It is a lonely world going against the union, much like going against UPS. Be brave and stand up for yourself, though.
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    The union can be sued as well as UPS. You have the same problem we do with our local. WE WILL LOOK INTO. Better yet "well that steward is to blame they were the one who filed the grievance, everything was going fine until they filed on this." Even if is against the agreement. We have our BA now saying well the "UPS Labor Manger is spread so thin and he is so over worked and that is why we can't get meetings." We now have to place things in letter to our BA so there is paper leading back so he can't come back in 6 months and say he was never told or never got the grievance. The election is coming to our local and everyone wants him out but then they never vote. I can say this I do and will say something about the things I grieve about. If pay for a service it better work. I tell people at my HUB if you go home and your cable is not working do you continue to pay for the service. No you call them and dig up hell and bring it with you. That is just me. I wonder at times when people come here to seek info. have they called the union hall or spoke to steward and gotten the run around.
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    I like it

    I wonder if some locals and UPS share the same lawyers for cost savings at times.
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    I thought the union and ups were run by the person