County rallies behind UPS man (corrected link)



County rallies behind UPS man

The link for this article is not correct you get a different article



This man sounds like alot of older drivers I have had the honor of working with and the kind of person alot of younger drivers should be! I learned along time ago that when you are on a route for awhile you are UPS to those people,I have made so many friends on my route. when someone is sick or passes away I always send cards or a kind word, you know what they say, you get back what you give, sounds like this man gave alot and it is his turn. I will hope and pray for the best and when he beats this I hope he enjoys his retirement, he earned it!!!


It sounds like drivers in our area who have been with us for over 25 years. I cover for a few of the longtimers, and their customers always ask, "did he retire without telling us". This may sound corny, but my goal as a driver is to be like the longtimers.

We have newbies who are more concerned with finishing the route by 500 pm (impossible), than stopping to answer a question, or acknowledge the customer. Nothing burns me up more to cover on a route where another cover driver has upset the customer-being rude. Not answering questions that we can answer-instead of giving the 800 number to call. (What an experience that is).

What's the last word in our name? Not production, but service. We are UPS, Not UPP. It's possible give both.

More newbies need to be like the longtimers, as this gentlemen is.


I know this guy. He is a driver in Rocky Mount and he is all that the article desribes him to be. Always postitive and smiling. One of the better drivers I have known. Sometimes it seems like things always happen to the "good guys". With the attitude he has he may be able to overcome the cancer at least I hope so.