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  1. So we're being forced to work Black Friday, right? Will we still get Holiday pay that day? Will it be paid time and a half or is it just a normal work day? Did we just completely lose a holiday? Also, UPS has an 8-1 ratio for off the street drivers being hired to part timers being promoted, correct? Does that include seasonal driving too? We had a part timer go seasonal driving for the first time a couple weeks ago and in the class he said 12 out of the 20 were from off the street. Is that allowed since it's not full time and most will probably be let go or is that not supposed to happen? If I had proof they weren't doing the 8-1 would I have grounds for a grievance? Thank you.
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    Depends on which part of the country.
    Kind of.
    No grounds for grievance.
  3. Are you saying yes Black Friday will be paid time and a half with Holiday pay?
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    You get your holiday pay + hours worked. I think some parts of the country will get time and a half for those hours, others double time. I'm looking through the contract now.
    edit- in my area it's time and a half plus holiday pay.
  5. I see. Thanks! I'm in local 100 so if anyone knows how it works here I'd appreciate any replies.
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    Seasonal hires are not subject to the 6:1 inside/outside requirement.

    You will get paid for the holiday plus hours worked at a rate of pay which may vary in your location.
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    L100 is in the Central Region at 2x the rate for holiday work.
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    In my area its double time plus holiday pay. We're lining up to work that day!
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    Isn't that eight questions?
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    I counted 9.