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  1. Kingpin13

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    first off, i aint a newbie to ups, and these aint questions covered in the new employees questions thread...

    im a ups freight city driver......just wonderin a few things about ups ground operations for a few different reasons, none being that i want to switch to ups ground (im really just curious about a few things)


    do the terminals where they load the package cars get very cold? i know its set up differently as a freight terminal, but we dont have wallks, just a roof and support beams so it gets colder inside then it is outside in the winter....just wondering how that is at ground

    and bad is the preloading job? it seems to me like those guys dont get paid **** to do a lot of physical work.....constantly loading loose cartons for as little as 8.50 an hour

  2. evilleace

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    all buildings are enclosed and yes the pay is not good for the type of work that is done.
  3. brownrodster

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    Our building has many doors open because the trucks are very long. Also, we have many sets of rollers outside the building where trucks are loaded. Temperatures are drastically different. Certain sections of the building can be extremely hot but 100 feet away it can be freezing!!!
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    Give him a break.
    He did not use an apostrophe between the n and t, much less, capitalization and sentence structure.
    Cem, you are such a nitpicker.
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    Temps in buildings run the gambit from "circle of Hell" to "witches tit" but fortunately the pay remains a constant peasant quality.
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    And that's why he's working for Freight.
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  10. dilligaf

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    What yu talkn 'bout willis?

    Not ALL buildings are enclosed. Meaning trucks park inside. We are outside and it gets colder than a well diggers :censored2:. We have bay doors that open. Have a heater inside but you might as well be pissin in the wind for all the good it does.
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  12. drewed

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    Dilli youre in AZ it doesnt get THAT cold
  13. dilligaf

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    Ya it gets cold enough. We've had lows in the high 20's for the last several weeks. It can (and does) get colder than that. It's not uncommon to get into the teens during the winter. I've had frozen water pipes before, but that is rare.

    Alt. 5000 ft.
  14. satellitedriver

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    AZ can also get hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell.
  15. dilligaf

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    OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

    The Colorado River Valley (between Az and CA) hits 120 regularly. Phx can get that hot as well. Where I am, we get 100-110 regualrly. SSSSSSSSSizzlin'
  16. satellitedriver

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    Yep,been there.
    122 degrees carrying a 50lb back pack and running low on water, alone in "The Canyon".
    Awesome beauty, but very deadly.
  17. dilligaf

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    Very much so.
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    Somebody had to?