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    This film is right on target--dead center on the most serious problem our Country faces today.

    Many of the Current affair threads answers are in this film.:wink2:

    Gun violence,crime,drugs poverty etc etc---This film exposes and high lites the Root cause

    I highly recommend this film--will be worth your time.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I really enjoyed this movie in spite of the overtly religious overtones. I agree with Island---everyone should take the time to watch this movie.
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    Remember that film convention that the Dugger's go to all the time......the one where they show good quality ones promoted by Kirk Cameron?? These are the kind of films that are shown.

    Let your $$$$$ do the talking!! Glad to see that people do appreciate these movies.
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    If anything gives a little common ground to moreluck and Upstate---it certainly has value !!!:wink2:
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    Looked for it at RedBox.......both blue ray and dvd were out. I will keep checking. Tried to get Hatfield's and McCoys too but they were out.
    I was just a little later than normal and that makes all the difference.
    Got "Possession".....probably trashy!! But it'll be better than Friday night programming.
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    This is courageous but here it goes.

    7.5 children born in the Black community are fatherless.

    12% of the population cause 52 % of the gun crimes. When will President Obama, Joe Biden or Jackson and Sharpton address this before the next generation of Black men are wasted and spend their lives in Prison while reeking havok on the rest of society ??

    Where are the courageous people --stop B.S. ING about gun clips and deal with the REAL Problems.

    Duck quick --here come the race cards. So Politically Incorrect.:sick:

    Ray Lewis is America's new role model. Six children from four different women. Has been in court for Domestic violence, lack of paying child support --although a Multi, multi Millionaire and was also involved in a murder investigation in the shooting death of two people.

    Ray Lewis --Dance and laugh at all the Dopes who worship you !!!:sad-very:
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    I give that one network credit for having the smarts to pull "My Babies Mamas" from their scheduled new shows.....of course 40,000 people wrote to the station. Now that doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a small network!!

    Scared Straight and Cops are the most black shows on TV. Now you'll hear racist!!

    You can sight other "black" shows, but like I said in another post there have been no socially acceptable black show since Cosby!! (IMO) Sex is the main thang !!

    Now, if you write back that Cosby is not real......why is that? Whose fault is that?
  8. ajblakejr

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    I liked Bernie Mac.
    I felt he had the cred to tell it straight.
    I miss him.