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    United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit.

    Paul COX, Appellant v. UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, INC.; International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local Union 401

    No. 17-2989
    Decided: October 10, 2018

    Before: HARDIMAN, KRAUSE, and BIBAS, Circuit JudgesJack M. Bernard, Esq., Philadelphia, PA, for Plaintiff-Appellant Timothy M. McCarthy, Esq., Gary M. Tocci, Esq., Jackson Lewis, Philadelphia, PA, Collin O. Udell, Esq., Jackson Lewis, Hartford, CT, for Defendant-Appellee United Parcel Service Inc Lars H. Anderson, Esq., Hourigan Kluger & Quinn, Kingston, PA, for Defendant-Appellee International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 401

    If a party gets four extensions of his discovery deadlines and blows through them all without justification, he may well not get a fifth chance. The District Court here was admirably patient with Paul Cox, but that patience is finite. It repeatedly warned him that it would dismiss his case unless he complied. When Cox flouted the Court’s deadline yet again, the Court was entirely justified in following through and dismissing the case with prejudice.
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    Wow a court ruling written in plain English. I’ve never seen that before.
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    sounds like Mr. Cox was a D-head.
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    Maybe they starved him out
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    He was a UPS Driver!
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    (The) Article said he was (a) mechanic
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    "Paul Cox was a mechanic for UPS "
    Reading is FUNdamental
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    There were multi-syllable words in the link. You can't expect someone who was in corporate to be able to read that. Plus @Old Man Jingles went to diploma mill school Georgia Tech
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    I'm with Cox on this one.
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    I know ... just wanted to stir the pot a little.

  11. Old Man Jingles

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    Well, he was in the Union!
    What did you expect?