Crack and Misloads..


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Does this happen anywhere else…??

Happened a few years ago and today they are back.
Bus load of workers from the mean streets of the hood. Given vests, a quick summary of what to do and have at it…

Didn’t think the company would do it again after the last time this happened….Fights, kids smoking crack outside, cars getting broken into, items being stolen out of trucks, cops searching everyone.

The misloads are comical and a few of us remember how bad it was…we loved it. Lots of OT and 💵

They can’t get anyone to work preload here after so many left due to MRA and the 💩 they had to go through. Drivers were coming in early to load and seems they want to stop that.

eats packages

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I think we have a new classification of FT employee they could use for this. Not sure again where it is in the contract... something along the lines of a combination driver?