Strange experience at my UPS hub

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    Strange experience at my UPS hub

    March 19, 2009 is when this happened. I loaded a package into a car marked ground and residential. It was around 5:30 am when an employee came towards me wearing a gold UPS polo shirt and asked me to the whereabouts to these items. He gave me the tracking number on them and saw there was going to be three of them looking the same.

    I went into the car and found the one and only in the car. Pulled it out and gave it to him. After break ( 6:00 am) the other two came. It was around 6:45 am and put them on the ground and crossed out the tracking numbers on the paper. In about 5 minutes another person sporting the gold polo shirt confronted me about these items.

    He asked “have you seen these types of packages before?” I replied “I’ve never seen these types going to a residential before”. The guy in the polo was rather serious about this I could tell and then I said “there must be something bad inside, right?”. He didn’t reply and had someone with him to take them to wherever they were going. I found out later he was the head security guy for the building.

    That following morning my driver heads for that location to start dropping the extra work for residential. He was soon pulled over by a DEA cops scouting that location possibly all day waiting for him. They asked him for those packages but they weren’t in the car. They told him the packages contained illegal drugs.

    He told all of this to me on Friday 20th. I was amazed and shocked by my predication and the events that followed. As a preloader, you get a knack at knowing what’s in packages. I was also confounded that people would be so bold to send drugs via UPS, Fed, USPS or DHL. But it does happen, a story about a month old.

    Fedex driver delivers a package to the wrong house, figures. The recipient opens it up and discovers it contains marijuana. This leads to that person getting busted. And I am pretty sure the sender and / or the recipient of those packages I handled did as well. You just didn’t hear it on the news, alike the other story.

    I thought I share that with my fellow workers at Brown café and a few other forums I attend. Share with others at the work place, friends and family. I hope you enjoyed my story, thank you.
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    So where is this strange experience you were speaking of ?
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    Drugs run through UPS quiet a bit, and UPS works a lot with various gov't agencies to get drug runners
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    Delivery address was to the center manager, perhaps? It would explain alot.....
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    Darn good replies!

    I was talking to my driver that day and said “I am sure we have gotten drugs before”. Any driver or perloader, sorter, unloader etc etc sure that we’ve all delt with this before.

    As for the address to be for a manager, you bet your butt. It always seems that those types are on drugs when they try so damn hard to cause you rut.

    The great thing about UPS or any other service like this is the amount of experience you do get in a single night. I am looking to rite a book about what I’ve gone threw, personal opinions, feelings and so fourth. And something as this is something you don’t or ever will forget.

    Thanks for listening.
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    they try so damn hard to cause you rut.

    Need to get me some of those
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    Darn... Someone already noticed it.
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    Please budget for a proof reader.
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    be aware of any parcels covered in plastic wrap & smelling of mustard.
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    All of this begs the question : Have the Middle-Easterners been by for anymore bulk knockoff handbags ?
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    My brother and his wife are both State Troopers here in PA. My sister-in-law used to be a decetive a few years ago with State Police. She told me of a few times where they were investigating someone on receiving drugs and got full cooperation from UPS to have her dress in browns and deliver a package wiht known illegal contents. As soon as the "customer" would sign fo rhte package out would come the cuffs and he would be immediately arrested. It was more elaborate than that, but you get the jist.
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    Originally Posted by ORLY!?!
    ...I am looking to rite a book about what I’ve gone threw...

    Understand UpstateNYUPSer is a cheap (or free) proof reader. Maybe ya'll can work out a deal.