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    My husband works for UPS at the G* depot on Monday morning he was called into the office by P* regarding his American Express card, after that meeting P* suspended him on full pay he didn’t give him a reason for the suspension he just said that due to what we have spoken about today I need to suspend you until we carry out investigation, when P* arrived home he phone B* in HR to ask for the minutes of that meeting and the letter. Later that day my husband received that email with a comment saying further documentation to follow, the following day he received another email from B* with documents attached and to my horror when he opened it….. there is a picture of my kids and a private personal chat I had with a member of a forum I used to use dated 1[SUP]st[/SUP] April 2008 at 17:53.
    Now first thing why has P* or any other member of your organisation have a detailed picture of my kids, when I phone Mr * for him to explain his actions all I got from him was a extremely cocky attitude from him saying that it was relevant to the investigation I am sorry but why is this relevant to my husband because at that time he was my boyfriend and stayed at his mother’s house in G* and also never had a American Express card at that time with your company now in the meeting P* mentioned fraud twice but in the letter my husband got its says misuse of card for personal use. So I want to know why Mr * or any other UPS management investigated me? I do not work UPS and certainly neither does my kids. What gives him the right to be in POSSESSION of a picture of my kids as I certainly did not give him permission and how many copies of this picture are floating around UPS either on paper or worse on company laptops or desktop computers.
    Secondly the conversation that came with email regarding myself and a fellow member of a forum (SEE ATTACMENT) according to Mr * this is relevant, tell me where a conversation clearly dated 1[SUP]st[/SUP] April 2008 were I am having a private chat and when I say private I mean no other members can see this conversations regarding myself talking about jewellery I wanted to buy for I wedding I was attending in May 2008 and also tell me where on that conversation does it say that P* was my partner, this has no relevance what so ever to do with UPS nor my husband’s suspension.
    P* has pushed the boundaries too far and I think that what he has done must have broken your own organisations CODE OF POLICY & PROCEDURE(‘the code’) and maybe data protection act or even a blatant breech of my children’s right to privacy along with my right to privacy, I feel violated and physically sick that Mr * and UPS have a picture of my kids, how do I know P* has not and will not distribute that picture to vile members of the public? or will not fall into the wrong hands i.e. remember the laptop that went missing or stolen with employees personal data on it. Like I said I feel violated and physically sick this should never have been allowed to happen and I am now wondering what other parts of my personal life and my kids life’s UPS have spied on.
    I hope these strong and very serious issues will be taken seriously by the company that my husband has dedicated 17 years of his adult life to and that you will consider suspending P* until this investigation is being carried out, after all it’s a very serious matter and one that I am obtaining legal advice through my husband’s Unite the Union membership, this whole witch hunt yes that’s right witch hunt is not only sole destroying but devastating to my family as my two kids as this has been very stressful for them because they see their parents so upset and asking questions to why dad’s work has photo of them. When I talk about witch hunt I mean this all started off as a personal one against my husband because he has stood up to the BULLIES in UPS and when the bully boy tactics failed they have now involved the rest of my family.
    P*, B* and no doubt a few others in the UPS organisation are determined to get my husband out as he has two on going claims, one is for accident which UPS has offered to settle on and because he has refused to settle the big men at the top are saying how dare he bite the hand that feeds him, the other is tribunal for lead driver which R* has still not giving the answer to since the 24[SUP]th[/SUP] of May this year now correct me if I am wrong should this not have been dealt with a lot sooner according to your company policy. Like I said they are determined to push my husband out of a company he has been very loyal to and miss family weekends to work for UPS and they will do it by any means weather it’s with pushing that he says I have had enough and walks or going to do it by whatever means possible to sack him but they have over stepped the mark when they have involved kids an myself in their stupid games, I expect this to be dealt with properly and quickly and if they think I’m going to sit back and do nothing then they can think again.
    This has been a blatant breech of my right to privacy and someone is going to be held responsible for it.
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    I read this twice and I have to admit that I am more confused now then when I first clicked on this thread. When you mentioned the American Express card I immediately thought that your husband was management as hourlies do not carry company Amex cards; however, you then mentioned using the legal services offered through Unite the Union (whatever that is). Hourlies who participate in the sales lead program do carry Amex cards which can be used anywhere and for any purpose.

    The part about the picture of your family makes absolutely no sense.

    You guys need a lawyer.

    I need an aspirin--your post gave me a headache.
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    I didnt do this post
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    Writing has no structure.
    Difficult to follow.
    Punctuation missing.

    Upstate, please toss me some aspirin.
    Rocket...could you follow this at all?
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    aj, this is off topic but you look amazing tonight. just saying.........
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    I spit my drink out on this one Rocket.. great sense of humor.
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    I guess I don't understand your focus on the pictures of your kids and your complete lack of comment on the improper use of the American Express card that your husband is accused of.

    I would be more concerned if someone felt I was a thief than if they saw pictures of my kids.
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    Unite the Union appears to be in the UK & Ireland. Are mgmt personal union over there?

    Misuse of an American Express card for personal use would sound like a mgmt problem, unless hourly's get em to pay for fuel on the road. Shrug

    And BTW. I've lost 15 IQ points trying to read this post.
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    Read between the lines I have all the answers.
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    Damn, you are good!!
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    Funny but I do understand your need to clarify ... and distance.
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    I do know my positive sister from another mother.

    Ps you look like a classical beauty tonight. God is definitely shining on your beautiful soul.
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    Does that help any?
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    Nah , not really
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    dam im good are you talking to me I dont see any one here so i guess your talking to me
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    It's the thought that counts. Thank God for this brown cafe sometimes it's the only ups thing that makes this whole difficult experience bearable.
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    She is talking to the PACKAGE car driver. It's all about the PACKAGE.
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    Did you just watch Modern Family too?
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    No she is just such a positive woman and I had to call her out on it. She helps sometimes. She's a nice human being.