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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Theichii, Jun 15, 2009.

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    So my day was completely crazy today. So let's start at the beginning, i get a call around 6:30 from my center manager saying that they needed me immediately. So i told him i would try my best to be there as soon as possible (I live about 5 minutes from my center so the 9:00 start time spoiled me, I normally wake up around 8:00). So I get there and right away notice that most of the drivers vehicles are there. So I get inside and inquire why I am up so early. Apparently the motor to our only belt burnt, so we effectively had no way to move packages from the feeder to our cars. They placed metal rollers on top of the belt to move packages. So i'm like okay what do i do since i'm a cover driver and have had really no specific car that was mine. So they tell me to go outside and scan the walmart distribution packages. So I'm outside for awhile then they come and ask if i want to go home. I'm like heck yea. So then we had a driver that opted to go home because he was too light and they wanted to put other work on him. So i then had to cover his route, which is easy so i couldn't have asked for a better route, except for the fact that they decided to send me all the way from the northwest corner (Turkey Creek, google it you'll see) to the southeast corner (arnaudville, again google it), so i'm like okay, i'll get 8 hours from just driving, then about 1600 when i'm done, they ask me to help another drive in opelousas (which is where we are based out of, and of course i can't say no (haven't learned how yet). And i finish work around 18:30, with 80 stops and 280 miles, so basicly i got a free 10.5 half hour day, from UPS, but of course it couldn't be normal, it had to start off with something bad happening.

    P.S. No response needed just getting my day off my chest.
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    Feel better?:bigsmile2:
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    a bunch, my roommate is a NDT for exxon so he doesn't understand our business, and he thinks being in a union is "Cheating." so it's nice to talk to some people who would *maybe* understand.
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    I don't know what an NDT is, but it appears they need no common sense to survive.
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    Kudos to you for having that kind of extensive area knowledge. Still, it's a wonder this company can make any money: 80 stops and 280 miles? Now I know why my SPORH keep getting increased!:knockedout:
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    a ndt is nondestructive testing. He thinks it's cheating because it's really hard to get fired and stay fired.
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    If I wanted to Google the areas mentioned, it would help to know what continent, country, state or city you are referring to. :happy-very:
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    Try Louisiana!

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    Burm got it right :wink2: i didn't think there could have been more than one of these places lol.
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    Sounds like you enjoyed your crazy day, Theichii. Nice job putting all the fires out!
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    We lost the power in the building several years ago (Ice storm took out a big transformer). The center manager sent one of the Supe's out for a couple 50lb bags of rice--yes..Rice. We spread it on the belts and used that to slide the packages on. A lot of work but it worked... so to speak.