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    Does UPS have a credit union employees can join?
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    Not here in the south..The union has/had team and wheel federal credit union..., but they dont have a branch you can go to,it is all thru the mail..I was in it 20+ years ago, and then withdrew my money, so I am not sure if they are still operating...
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    Nationally, UPS is promoting Atlanta-based Delta Community Credit Union (formerly Delta Air Lines Employee Credit Union). Locally, many UPS facilities have partnered with area credit union. However, with credit union restrictions having been eased in the early 2000s alongside the abundance of free checking accounts offered by traditional banks, these can be considered legacy agreements. My break room has literature on our local credit union, but the application advises 'if you sign-up and initiate direct deposit by June 1, you'll automatically be entered to win a trip for four to Disney World's Millennium Celebration.' Clearly not very recent ;).

    You're probably eligible to join dozens, and perhaps hundreds, of credit unions, both local & national. I woulnd't worry about finding one with association to UPS. Instead, pick the one whose product best fits your needs.
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    In Central States we have UPS Credit Union.
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    I use New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union .