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    So I load a TP 60 that has 2 routes that go into it and one driver of one of the routes hates having to load his own truck so after one day he was heavy and got loaded into the truck he got spoiled the next two days he scanned overflow packages (packages that wouldn't fit into the trailer) as misloads leaving me with 13 misloads one day and 12 the next. On road Supe came on the belt and apologized to me is there anything else I should do?
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    He sheeted them dishonestly. That's his problem. Nothing you can do.
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    How the hell did you decipher what the hell the ?was?LOL
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    Why would a ORS apologize to a preloader...
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    If you're not disciplined it doesn't matter.
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    Nothing. You didn't do anything wrong. If the driver doesn't like loading his own PC, he shouldn't have bid on a satellite route.
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    Excactly, I've never heard an on road apologize to anyone, just condescend people.
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    That's the thing about satellite routes, they can blow them out and not be face to face with the driver. The driver is out at a gas station in the middle of no where loading his car cussing to himself.
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    I think you should sue him for defamation of character. That will show him.
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    If I got this right, driver could be fired for dishonesty for sheeting packages he didn't have. You have nothing to worry about.
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    (I believe he had the pkgs.) , but, they were loaded in the center isle of the truck that pulls the trailer, and he didn't care for that, so this was his insane response.
    Hard to make sense of the original post, but this is what I came away with anyway.

    Am I even close, original poster?
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    That makes more sense, I was thinking they were LIB's, and he sheeted them up. Brain fart, I guess
  15. Billy Ray

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    Still a lot of reading between the lines, and conjecture on my part. Maybe he will let us know.
  16. DumbTruckDriver

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    That's what I gathered. Seems like the driver pulling the TP60 should be the one upset, if anything. It never bothered me when I've covered such a route. Just part of the job.
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    This is correct
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    When I came in and saw that I had 13 the first day I called foul play but I waited til day two actually see if there was foul play involved but my heart dropped both days I walked into work
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    Thanks for the reply.