CSA vs Courier/Handler pay

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    Hello all. I have a question. I am currently a courier but i truing to transfer to another station. I was offered a CSA position but turned i down and then recently I received another offer but this time the position was Courier/Handler except the pay was exactly the same as the CSA position. Is this right? CSA and Courier/Handler pay are the same? Thanks in advance
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    Not sure what courier/handler pay is in comparison to CSA, but it depends on market level too. Find out if it's in same market level as you currently are.

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    agree with Opneeds regarding the avatar change...regardless of what your opinions on the company may be. That, combined with your username pretty much 'outs' you to the world and could potentially come back to bite you. (unless of course you're really playing it cagey and posted a bogus name and photo - in that case: Bravo Zulu to ya!)
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    Thanks for the advice. Not even sure how to find out what the level is. I was hired as a Courier/Handler and I don't remember the pay being so different from courier but I could be wrong.
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    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    Ask your manager what your market level is and I'm not sure about Jcats2 (computer) but the paper Jcats shows the market level by the position listing. It would be a letter. Your manager can look it up for you.
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    If those positions are in the same market level, then the pay will be the same. You'll probably be doing a lot of handler work in the Courier/Handler classification.
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    I just found out the rate scale is E and I'm coming from J.