Customer can't "Request" late air?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsdude, Jul 16, 2003.

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    We were told yesterday morning that the customer CAN NOT request air be delivered after commit time. Im certain that option A has been abused and used as a cover for late air, but this is ridiculous. Remember the paper days, amazing how some folks could deliver 5 air stops at 10:29! LOL! The company says the consignee isnt the customer, the shipper is. One of my stops has requested me to deliver all of their packages around noon. They are way too busy in the mornings to deal with delivery companies. Yesterday I really ticked them off by knocking on the door at 10:00 AM. The owner said he would write a letter to UPS requesting a later delivery. That question was asked in the PCM, management said it didnt matter, 10:30 or disciplinary action would follow.

    Why dont we just have our Business Development folks promote FedEx services, that seems to be our goal.

    Serious question..
    Should we now be checking with the shipper before we A/C a package? The shipper is the customer according to this policy.
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    Why don't you just sheet the air deliveries for that stop as "not ready 1" before 1030, and then deliver them at noon or whatever.
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    Just another way to show us that we arent trusted employees. Kind of like not being able to have a roll of tape in our car, since we might be tempted to steal. I have businesses that dont open til 1100 am, and people who get the same delivery on the same day who have told me not to bother since they wont be home til 5pm anyway. If they want to not let us do our job to the best of our ability, based on our knowledge and experience, then soon they will have to watch ICC hours in July. It would be falsifying records to sheet them as NI1, because your times would not coincide, with the other deliveries. Waiting for managment to come up with an answer, but they too are beat to death so we wont see them on here.
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    Our center manager told us to "sheet" the packages NI1 before 10:30, if they request a late delivery, or open later.

    I was trained by a driver who injured herself and is no longer with us. We would go out at 900 with 30 NDA to deliver by 10:30. Seeing we wouldn't make the 10:30 delivery time, she would DR the residential NDA. Later delivering it. Cheating. I got a warning letter for delivering late NDA.
    I wouldn't do what she would do. I pointed out that she would, along with other drivers do that DR your residental NDA in motion. They didn't care.

    That's my gripe.
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    Packages should not be sheeted nI1x if you are not attempting to deliver them. If the customer opens up after 10:30, have them write a letter on the companys letterhead and give it to your boss.Make your shop steward aware of this situation and sheet the package customer opens after commit time.There is a reason that option is added on to the diad and it means exactly as it say.DO NOT sheet packages if you are not attempting to deliver them. We all have seen the games of cheating the documents and the records.I have seen too many people either get canned or suspended because they thought they were doing the right thing. If the manager really told you to sheet the package as closed, well then he is a :censored2:
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    According to a PCM this past week, we have to make an attempt prior to 10:30. If the business doesnt open until later, make an attempt and leave a note. No exceptions. I have 3 dental offices that are closed EVERY Friday, I now have to take those packages (Ground) out and make an attempt. In the past we would scan the packages in the morning as a known closed, add a service cross and leave them under the belt.
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    Well thats the double standard used by UPS management everywhere then....You will be damned if you do and damned if you dont.I wish they had their own rules written down on paper.If they did they wouldnt be able to change them whenever they please.The double edge sword theory strikes again.I wonder why they would add that key if you can not use it.I bet you within a couple of months, that rule will change again.
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    Sounds confusing. I do know we have done quite a few independent surveys and found our service was not as good as we thought. Some of those options have been abused by some which tends to make it tougher on the rest of us. I understand your frustrations but you have to trust that there is a good reason for our making these changes. In the process don't take it personal. Its not an issue thats meant to say that we don't trust you folks but meant to uniformly get our service up to a higher level.